My New Family Problems--13

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My New Family Problems, that Turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 13

"What's going on here?!?!" I demanded to my mother as she signed some paper that Mr. Oaks had just given her. Jamison looked at me sadly while my mother didn't reply and neither did the other 5 people in the room. Yes, FIVE. Jamison, Mr. Oaks, Zane and two older people. I recognized one of them as Jamison's father, or as he told me to call him Grandfather Nicolas, but the other elderly man I had never seen before. "MOTHER!!!" Finally she looked up after the paper was taken away. "Tell me what's going on!" I begged her, the pleading was evident in my voice.

"Dear, don't beg. It's not attractive." She told me while taking a hold of Jamison's hand and standing up.

"I don't give a crap about what's attractive and what's not." Venom was think in my voice as I stared down the woman who I called my mother.

She sighed. "You're getting married to Zane."

"Uh... No I'm not." I told her in my 'duh' tone.

"Yes you are. You don't have a say in the matter. Grandfather Nicolas and Grandfather Maxwell agreed to these terms long before you were born. The first daughter on Jamison Nitchell who turned 16 would get engaged to Zane Oaks around their sixteenth birthday and married within half a year after that."

"Ah-ha, but that is where you are so wrong mother. I am not Jamison Nitchell's daughter. I am Jamie Loxley's daughter."

Her eyes narrowed. "And that is where you are half wrong my daughter. You are now, by the law, Jamison's daughter. He adopted you, so you are now his."

"I AM NO ONE'S!!!!!! You can't control me and I will not and I repeat, WILL NOT be marrying this sorry excuse for a guy. I simply refuse. Besides how does daddy feel about this?"

She shrugged her shoulders and I started to say something but she cut me off. "Besides it was either you or Zarah in a few years." My mouth closed as I thought about this.

Me marry the one guys I despise or make Zarah marry him. Me. I decided quick enough. I would NOT have my little sister married to this...THIS....UGH!! I don't even have a word to describe Zane.

"I hate you." I told her, my eyes watering up. "You're just hauling you're own child off because daddy has a girlfriend and a few years ago he wanted me to meet her. You're just mad because it never worked out between you two and so he left because you refused to FIX THINGS! You're a sorry excuse for a mother and I think Susan is WAY BETTER THAN YOU!!!!!" I screamed at her, barely holding on to my tears. I saw he tough mask slip and her emotion's crumbled, but I wasn't done yet. I had three years of anger built up behind inside me and it was far from done. "You cast me aside when I was twelve even though I desperately tried to get you to notice me! I needed my mom. I still need my mom, but I honestly think she's dead. So you see this anklet?" I ask while taking it off and holding it out to her. "You got this for me on my eleventh birthday and I've wore it ever since just to somehow get you to notice me and care again. In fact Susan has been more of a mom to me the past three years than you have."

Tears streamed down her face and she looked so hurt, but as much as it pained me to see her like this I couldn't, wouldn't and don't want to take what I just said to her back. "How c-could y-you say that?" She stuttered through sobs.

"Because it's truth mother. I don't even know who you are anymore. So yes I will marry the one guy I despise, but only because I don't want Zarah anywhere near him." My voice held strong despite the unshed tears. Everyone stared in shock at me, but I couldn't care, my feet seemed to act on their own by carrying me up to my room where I blasted music and cried myself to sleep, thinking how could she do this to me?

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