Chapter One- A New Start

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Ash was walking down Route 1 of a new region. Being eighteen now, he was mature enough to travel on his own. I'm ready for anything that comes my way, he thought as he walked further up the path.

As Ash continued to think to himself, he began to hear a faint squawking sound off in the distance. Thinking that something bad could be happening, he began sprinting until he came up to a swarm of Staravias attacking something.

"HEY STOP IT!", Ash yelled as he ran towards the swarm while waving his arms. Startled, the bird pokemon began to fly away, as Ash noticed a small huddled mass on the ground. He bent down to observe the limp pokemon, and quickly recognized it. It was Zorua!


Zorua was a dark type pokemon Ash met many years ago in the Sinnoh region. After befriending the tricky fox pokemon, Ash and his friends had to help her. Zoruas Meema, a Zorark who adopted the little Zorua as her own, was being used by a evil man named Kodai to wreak havoc on Crown City.

After defeating Kodai, and returning Zorua to her Meema, the two pokemon went off to the Unova region. Ash stayed in the Sinnoh region to continue his adventure. After that encounter, they never saw each other again. Until now that is.


"Zorua!", Ash said, "What are you doing here?!" Weakly, Zorua looked up at Ash, "I-I came here t-to see you." A surprised expression crossed Ash's face. "Me? How did you even get here in the first place?" Zorua looked up at Ash again, tiredness evident in her face.

"Meema brought me here, a-after she t-told me what happened t-to you." Ash looked at the ground sadly, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

Pikachu was taken by Team Rocket, with no possibility of giving him back.

"Yeah," Ash said as he rubbed his eyes, "it was horrible, but I will always remember him." Zorua nodded faintly, just as Ash realized that she was about to faint! Quickly Ash picked up Zorua, cradling her in his arms. "Let's get you to the pokemon center!" Ash said as he began to run to the closest town.

After getting to the pokemon center, Zorua was put under intensive care. The entire night Ash stayed up, worrying about her. He couldn't risk losing another friend in such a short amount of time.

In the morning, Nurse Joy walked out with Zorua in her arms, looking healthier and happier than when she first came in. "Here's your pokemon Ash!" Zorua quickly jumped out of her arms and onto Ash, knocking him down and onto the couch Ash was standing by.

"Haha! I guess you feel better then?" "Totally!" Zorua responded, "Can we go outside and play please?" Ash laughed at her eagerness, "In a bit, I need to catch you first. That way you can really be my partner pokemon!"

Ash pulled out a pokeball, as Zorua ran into a open space. He threw the ball at Zorua, lightly tapping her on the head with it, and encapsulating her in it. The pokeball moved just once and clicked, indicating that the catch was successful. Ash had his new partner!

Just as quickly as Ash captured Zorua, he let her out. "Can we go play now?" Zorua asked as soon as she came out. "Of course! I said we could, didn't I?" Ash said smiling. Zorua ran out the door with Ash right behind her. "Wait Zorua!"

The entire day Ash and Zorua ran around the park, talking and battling with other trainers, only resting once for lunch and a nap in the shade. At around eight o' clock at night, Ash began to notice how late it was. "I think it's time to go home now Zorua."

"Alright Ash, but can we play tomorrow?" "Of course we can." Ash said smiling, "Now come on, let's go home and get some sleep." Zorua nodded at Ash, and they walked home, side by side, the whole way there.

As they got to Ash's apartment, Ash went straight to the kitchen and made a quick meal for the two of them. While they were eating, Zorua stayed at the table with Ash. Usually pokemon didn't eat at the table , but Ash didn't care because he liked the company.

As soon as they finished eating, both Ash and Zorua felt exhausted. Ash got up from the table, went to his room, and made a bed for Zorua on the couch in his room. As soon as he finished making the bed, Zorua jumped onto the couch and instantly fell asleep.

Ash smiled to himself as he covered her with a blanket. Soon Ash fell asleep, almost as quickly as Zorua.

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