Chapter | 22

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Warning: Disgusting gay séx. Ew, gay. Don't gay.

that night,

What are we doing? What am I doing? Railing a vampire and a personal tutor in the bathroom, and fúcking again in the bedroom? The two mindlessly enjoy each other's bodies to the point where they forgot the purpose of condoms and went at it raw. They were like two virgins who just discovered the fun of séx and was addicted. They had no human limitations and just went with it.

Fúck, this is addictive... Ryūji thinks, listening to Seraphine's choked moans as he gets railed from behind, Ryūji gripping his wet hair as both of them produce water droplets on the bed.

"Ryūji! I'm cúmming! Please, I can't—aahhhn—! Take it anymore....!"

"Did I hear you say more, slút?" Ryūji messes with him, pulling his hair up so Seraphine can join him upright. Ryūji slows down but every thrust is an aggressive ram that make Seraphine choke.

"Ugh, I'm gonna kill you-fúck! Ahh, shít!" Seraphine's upper body was dumped onto the bed as Ryūji rapidly thrusts into him, causing Seraphine to ejaculate on the bed. Later on, Ryúji released outside Seraphine's àss to respect the fact that they already fúcked the cúm out of him in the bathroom.

Ryūji collapses beside the breathless Seraphine, who immediately slaps him once again. "The fúck you fúcking like a bull for?"

"Because you look like a cow," Ryūji says back, making Seraphine redder than he usually is.

"Why you little—" Seraphine lifts himself up to attack Ryūji once again, and the Prince grabs his wrist to pin him on the bed with the Shifter on top.

"Don't make me fúck you for the fourth time tonight, darling."

Shít, these damn shifters on their rut... "Get off me, I'm sore as hell even from the first round."

"Good, you'll get even more hurt," Ryūji assaults him with a kiss to the neck, and Seraphine didn't fight back because honestly, he could subdue this Prince quite easily with his skills and strength. Ryūji doesn't really scare him, Seraphine is still the strongest fighter here.

"Ugh, I hate you! I'm not teaching you this morning, everything hurts..."

"It's okay," Ryūji stops and calms down, his face hidden against Seraphine's neck. He just wants to mess with Seraphine, but there's no good to assaulting him if he's not gonna react. Suddenly all went quiet when the Prince mumbles, "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Seraphine's brain short circuited as he didn't imagine such words to come out of his mouth. He wasn't sure what to say, but he was a little touched that Ryūji cared, after all. Just like when Seraphine was concerned about his rut hurting him for a week straight.

He just sounds like a softie... "I'm not forgiving you, canine." Seraphine closes his eyes to rest, still having Ryūji snuggled against his neck. A little cute for an annoying bàstard...

the next few days,

Ryūji once again successfully slammed his tutor against the ground after sparring for 10 minutes. Seraphine gasps as he loses against a student once again. They've been sparring for a while now so instead of getting up like Ryūji, Seraphine stays on the ground trying to catch his breath.

Fúck... he's getting stronger... And Seraphine hates this fact. Yet, he still teaches him genuine combat tactics like the weak spots of an enemy. Right now, they're sparring so Ryūji can knock out a polearm user's weakspot, which are the legs.

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