1. Junior Year

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        Ty looked out the window, dazed again from the teacher's lecture. Swaying tree branches are always more interesting than whatever Mr. Muckle has to say. He looked over at the cars passing by, one by one in no rush. They probably have their life figured out. They don't have to sit and listen to a lecture that goes in one ear and out the other. They're probably on their way to work at a job they love doing. They're probably leisurely enjoying their day. Happy with their life. Happy with everything.

        Or they're on their way to a funeral. Or they're soon to run into an impeding doom in their life. Maybe they're having a good day but will soon realize someone important to them will die. Or have an alarming call from the police saying their son is in jail for assault. No one really knows what's going on, but simply stopping to realize that they're a human being was stunning enough for Ty. Everyone is going through their own story. They've had their own struggles. They've had experiences so deep or so exciting. They have feelings just like everyone else and it isn't always about ourselves. They have their own adventure...


        It's all Ty really wanted. It's all his friends ever really want, too. They don't want a regular life of school, work, retire, die. No. Being teenagers they always dream big. Unrealistically big. They always want more. More than what this world has to offer. To Ty, he realized his dreams were unrealistic. He realizes that his dream success was out of reach. He's not the honor roll student his parents want him to be. He doesn't have the ability to embody the person his parents have in mind as an ideal son. He...doesn't even know what he wants to do after high school. Maybe-

        A loud continuous bell interrupted the class and his train of thought. Ty groggily picked up his backpack, hiding and pushing his way through a crowd of classmates to avoid being seen by Mr. Muckle so he can call him in and talk about his failing philosophy grade.

        He didn't say a word to anyone until he saw Adam coming up to him, smiling. "Hey man!" He grinned. "Hey." Ty replied, taking his hood off. "Dude, I heard people are nicknaming the school drug dealer to Weedlion." Adam chuckled. "The name still implies drugs, dumbasses." Ty rolled his eyes as they made their way into English class together, taking a seat beside one another awaiting the dreaded hyperactive Mr. Asher. Some students argue that he's like that because Weedlion deals with him. Others say that's just how he is. No on really knows but he's funny either way.

        3 minutes till passing period ends. Ty and Adam spent it talking about things going on around school. Drugs, sex, violence, the regular things that make up a high school.

        "I heard Mitch and Jerome went to that party at 3 AM and woke up naked next to each other..."

      "I met the new kid. He won't tell me his real name but he apparently goes by Okward. He's a really funny and chill guy."

        "I really like that Alesa girl, honestly. She's so pretty..."

        "That Jocelyn girl is really really cute and nice. I've caught her staring at me a couple times..."

         The bell rang, indicating the start of class. Everyone fell silent for a moment, but continued talking, realizing that Mr. Asher isn't even in class. "Where's he go?" "Is he just late?" "What's going on?". The same questions mumbled around class, changing the subject of everyone's conversation. Adam automatically kept track of time, putting on a timer for 15 minutes. "If a teacher is late longer than 15 minutes, it's legal for us to cut class without penalty..." Adam explained, snickering. "Bruh, did you do something to Mr. Asher?"

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