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Logan's POV
After our wolves mated I spent time tending to my sweet Leoni. I had received a few mindlinks from my father and Austin about pack matters but they could wait until tomorrow. I had been distraught to see her little pussy so swollen, red and bleeding. Her body had really born the brunt of the last few days, the sex with my Luna was off the chart euphoria but it was all new to her and her body wasn't used to it yet. Sex with an Alpha was particularly intense in many ways, with the initial mating the most intense of all but I reassured myself that she was a very strong little wolf. I knew the aftermath of our love making would become much easier on her before long.

I worked gently with warm water alongside a soft sponge to soothe her. She lay back like the ethereal being she was, her waist length blonde hair flowing over her exposed breasts. I parted her legs and she didn't flinch and I knew she trusted me implicitly to care for her.

Later, after dressing, eating and cuddling for a blissful time on the couch, we turned on the television and flicked the channels before settling to watch 'Sleepless in Seattle'. It was my mate's choice and as she sighed happily beside me I idly thought I could plan a trip to nearby Seattle for her as a surprise.

Leoni, thankfully, seemed to be healing well, she was no longer wincing when she moved and was also mercifully through her Heat. Her white wolf advanced healing abilities were helping her massively I expected. She snuggled into me and kissed her mark on my lower neck. I tightened my arm around her, I knew I would do anything for my perfect girl. The love I felt for her flowed across our bond and I felt her complete adoration for me flowing back.

Midway through the film Leoni seemed to drop something on the ground and slid down off the couch to retrieve it. My attention was abruptly drawn from Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's hapless antics when my naughty little mate started to gently run her fingers up the inside of my thigh. I inhaled a deep breath and closed my eyes. The sparks that danced around the touch of her delicate little fingers were tantalising.

My sweet Luna proceeded to tease me with her light touch, working her fingers up the inside of my shorts as far as my boxers before bringing them back. I glanced down at her and caught her mischievous smile, she wanted to play with her Alpha... and who was I to deny her that pleasure? She looked up at me and ran her tongue along her upper lip.

"Alpha Logan..." she said softly... "is there anything I can do for you with my mouth?"

My manhood had been starting to swell already with her gentle touch but with that comment, coupled with the look of her sitting between my legs looking so innocent, I was rock hard and protruding from my shorts. Leoni stared into my eyes for a moment before projecting me an image across our link, an image of her licking my creamy come from the tip of my huge cock. I groaned loudly and threw my head back into the couch.

I felt her little fingers at the waistband of my shorts and then the clothes on my lower body being slid down. I lifted myself off the couch to help her whilst staring at the ceiling - I was trying to maintain control and not shoot my come at her face before she had even so much as kissed my tip.

"Leoniii..." I groaned her name, I couldn't help it, this girl had her Alpha mate entirely at her mercy.

"Logan... w-what's it called when I kiss and suck on your m-manhood?" She asked quietly.

Looking down at her I took a moment to master myself, "Sweetheart... it's called 'giving head', a "blow job" or 'oral sex'..." I managed to say through the fog of my intense arousal.

"Can I... 'give you head' Logan? I really want to... I want you in m-my... m-mouth..." she uttered in a whisper filled with desire.

"My little Luna... you never need to ask..."

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