Chapter 17

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"I have her. I have been watching you two play around for too long. It's the same story over and over again. You murder people because of some weird disorder, and then you try to hide it up. Not this time. I have camera's everywhere. And when I mean everywhere, I mean that I see you right now. I will show Sarah the footage, and she will never want to see you again.
See You Soon! If you make it here in one piece
Love, Uncle Jerry"

Peter slammed the phone against the ground, enraged from anger. Part of that anger was the fact that this man who had sent people out to kill the Meyer family is his uncle. The other part of that anger was fear. Fear that his sister will see who he really is.

Peter recalled the address that was written on the wall in blood. He saw a car passing by. His first instinct was to take the car. He jumped in front of the black Audi, and brought the car to an abrupt stop.

"Get out of the car!" Peter shouted.

The woman in the car frantically searched through her purse. She pulled out a can of pepper spray.

"Don't make me use this!" The woman replied.

Peter lunged to the can. He was able to knock it out of her hands. Then he took the woman by the throat, and pulled her out of her car window onto the ground. He continued to wrap his hands around her throat. Her legs and hand scrambled around like fish out of water. She balanced between life and death as she gasped for air. Peter's hands only get tighter. A few moments later, all went silent. Her legs stopped flopping, and she stopped gasping.

Peter released his hands from the woman. He got to his feet, and made his way to the leather seats of the dead woman's Audi. He sank into the seats hoping he could escape the world he lives in to another.

Peter hoped. He hoped he could leave this life behind and start another one. A happier one. A better one. Deep in his heart he knows all that he could do is hope, but hope does not turn fantasy into reality. Hope gives a false sense that things could get better. Well they can't. Nothing will ever be better.

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