This was requested by @TenebyCat

Thanks for your request :3 


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Watson- You NEVER deduce someone on a date! 

Sherlock- I have always warned you I can never control it and... she wasn't good for you anyway. 

Watson- This was my only chance to have a proper date with a girlfriend and you ruined it.... 

Sherlock- Well.... Another girlfriend will definately pop along.

Watson- *rubs chin* Sherlock, if you didn't have your deducing thing, what would it be like?

Sherlock- Well.... I'd probably be alone and we'd have never met. And I wouldn't be here. So... let's chip in on that now shall we?

Sherlock has left the chatroom 

Watson- Seriously... just to get back at me...

Watson left the chatroom 


Wonderful deducing, don't you think?! XD 

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