Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Harry Chan's words echoed thunderously in North's mind, as she replayed all the events from the exhausting day. She was shell-shocked. 

But he is so hot, she kept thinking, as she lay on her bed, staring up at her diamond encrusted ceiling fan. North was convinced she had a chance with the super hot molester moon faced guy. 

She felt almost.... betrayed? 

After all, she had volunteered as tribute for him! 

They looked perfect together- Mr. Shaggy Brown Curls and Ms. Famous Butt's Daughter.

The last time she felt so hurt was when her boyfriend of six days (yep, SIX DAYS!) let it slip that he was dating her only to feature on his grandmother's favourite show- Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She cried over him for twelve days.

Now, North's aspirations were crushed. So she did what she always did- confide in Beverly East Hills.

North bit on the inside of her cheek, like all the Stereotypical Wattpad Girls do, and soon enough Beverly picked up.

"Hey North. What's up?"

"I don't have a chance with Harry Chan. He's gay."

"Oh." That's all Beverly said. 

There was something about the way she reacted, that told North she was hiding something.

"Beverly, gal, just let the cat out of the bag!" North sighed.

Dull-witted North's pretty little brain could only register the meaning of one idiom. And she was very, very proud of it.

"It's just that I know Harry. That's exactly why I knew so much about him the first day of school."

"B-but he was in Vietnam. How could you know him?" North was flabergasted.

Beverly sighed through the phone and lanuched into her explanation.

"Well, when my family and I were vacationing in Bhutan. He was there too." 

"And?" North asked.

"He sort of had a fling with my younger brother."

North's eyes widened. But, Walnut Almond Hills, Beverly's brother, is only 13! 

"Don't be ridiculous. He's a kid." North spoke.

"Yeah I know! But Harry seems to like younger guys." Beverly replied, cringing at the memories of the two of them together under the shade of the tree, canoodling.

"Goodbye Hills." North spat. 

North West was a mess by now. Not only had Beverly hidden the truth from her, but her infatuation with Harry ended soon after she realised that he had a thing for... 13 year old boys.

Oi oi oi!

How wuz it!

By the way, the author of this chapter, TD, who also wrote chapter 2, was presumed dead.


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