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Chapter 10

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As much as I love being a part of Magcon, it is so exhausting. The only reason I stay being a part of it is because of the guys and the fans. Meeting them is so amazing, but it's hard being around Bart. Gross. It's sad to think that I have to head home today and I'm going to miss this guys so much.

"You guys want to go get breakfast one last time as a family?" Cam asked. We all nodded in agreement and headed to the buffet down stairs. As I walk towards the waffles, I think about going home. I'm super nervous to meet Abigail in person for the first time. Hopefully I won't make a fool out of myself. Once I put enough syrup on the waffles, I head back to the table where the boys are sitting. We eat silently, as no one wants to talk about leaving.

When we finished eating, we headed back to stairs and finished the last minute packing. We all rushed down to the limo so we won't miss our flights. When we all managed to squeeze in the limo, I sat between Cam and Jack G. We all decided to talk about random things and I swear these boys get funnier every day. "So Matt, are you excited to go home?" Aaron asked. "Well yeah, but I'm super nervous to meet Abby. We will be seeing eachother a lot, we have 6 classes together." I admitted. "That's great Matt! When we leave again for our tour in three months I expect you to have a girlfriend." Taylor gushed. I hope so too, I thought.

Sadly, we had arrived at the airport. I was are ganna miss these boys. Three months apart might take a toll on our friendship, but we can always talk in the groupchat. We all sat around waiting for one of our flights to be called, and of course I had to leave first. One by one I said my goodbyes with all the boys, giving them bear hugs and saying "yeah of course man, I'll text you." Turning around one last time, I headed through security waiting for the adventure in front of me.

"Attention everyone, we are about to take off. Please turn off your phones and buckle up." The annoying flight attendant spoke through the speaker. I quickly texted Abby that I was about to take off and that I'll text her later. I put my phone on airplane mode and waited patiently for the plane to start flying. When we finally do, I put on my headphones and start slowly drifting asleep, thinking about going home and seeing Burnie and Abby.

Thank you guys so much for 1000 reads!! It means so much to me, you have no idea. Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I'm trying my hardest because of school.

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