Tris pov

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"So Bea"my dad starts. I glare at him. "Six" I interrupt. He rolls his eyes "Fine six" he spits out. like poison. "How long have you and for been dating"? "Is it any of your business" I ask coldly. "I didn't think so anyways who is ready for the party tonight"? I address the group. all of our group starts clapping and yelling. We get a few stares from other tables, but not many I mean we are dauntless! The other leaders the repulsed by everything we are doing. Gosh why can't they all just going to keep there opinions to themselves. Because to be honest we don't care. Will and Chris get up "okay if you're saying in our apartment come with us we're leaving now". Me and Four than stand "okay if you want to know what's happening between me and him you'll follow us and not ask any questions and if you want to get back the apartment you'll be staying at". We turn around not even looking to see if anyone following us.

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