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November 21st
Dear diary
I walked to school with Tabitha today, annoying as always, but she did tell me that my favourite teacher was leaving, which was actually quite upsetting seen as though, he was my first ever teacher.

Tyler kissed me for the second time since halloween, I loved it. But the bad news is that Mr Bushow split us up. Cough cough rude!

I had peanut soup from the cafeteria which was actually alright seen as though it was that or sloppy Joe. I hate sloppy Joe.

When I got home I just sat on the couch watching pll (pretty little liars). My dad told me to get of my ass and get out the house. So I took my dogs (jin, Carla and cassie). I met Tyler at the park, with his friends Tim and Eric. They liked me so, I guess they were alright.

Im going to bed now , and as always read the vampire diaries series, love them.

Night night

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