32// Tori

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My eyes flicker open slowly, as they adjust to my surroundings. Shaking the throbbing pain in my head away, just as I look around.

I'm on a mattress in what looks like a basement or a shack, feeling pressure around my wrist, looking up to see them handcuff and chained to the wall behind me.

Tugging on them as hard as I can, ignoring the shooting pain as the handcuffs dig into my skin.

But it doesn't matter because I need to get out of here, I need to survive.

"Tori stop....you're going to cut yourself"

jumping at the sound of a voice close by.

Turning my head away from the wall to the front of me just as my eyes meet,

Officer Murphy who was a few feet away from me also chained to a wall. What the hell is going? Who took us? Is he involved in this?

"Why are you here? Do you know who took us?" I ask him, officer Murphy looks at me sadly, dropping his eyes from me for a moment before looking back towards me.

"I'm so sorry...." He cried shame in his eyes, flicking my eyes in confusion.

"Sorry for what? Are you a part of this?" I asked once again louder this time.

"No but I know who is....and I didn't want to see it...I didn't want it to be true"

Shaking my head and narrowed my glare towards him, he's meant to be an officer, to serve and to protect if he knew something, he should have spoken up early. And then maybe we wouldn't be here.

"If you know who is doing this, why haven't you spoken up? You know the case, there's seven girls missing ...likely dead, and you've kept your mouth shut....why asshole?" I yelled angrily at him, because we shouldn't be here.

"I thought I could get through to him first....that I could get him to hand himself in without anyone else getting hurt"

"Who is he? actually who is he to you?"

Officer Murphy looks me dead in the eye for a moment and then announces.

"He's my brother"

His brother....and I'm supposed to believe that for seven years he didn't know as a police officer...that his brother was borderline psychotic.

No this is trick, they are in it together they have to be, it doesn't make sense for him to not know anything about his brother and what he has been doing.

"Now I trust you even less than I did before, because for all I know you're the good psycho and he's the killer psycho" I gritted at him.

"I know how it looks believe me, but Tori you can trust me, and I will get you out of here" He replies to me, shaking my head and sighed, not believing a word of the shit, he is saying.

Throwing my head back on the wall gently, I refuse to cry right now. I refuse to breakdown because I need to get out of here, feeling something hard hit the wall on my wrist, and then letting my eyes flicker for a minute.

My watch...there's a tracker in it...I forgot about it. Derek told me to never mention it to anyone and I didn't, and it's still on my wrist which means Derek can find me...right.

Jesus I hope he can because there's so much that I need to say to him. there's so much more that I want to explore with him and be there fo Daisy.

I need to fight for them....for my family. 

"You have a look, the look of a plan...tell me I can help" Officer Murphy's voice snaps me out of my hopeful thoughts.

"What part off I don't trust you.... officer Murphy don't you understand"

"I'm chained to a wall just like you are, I think I'm about the only one you can trust right now"

"Really because it just seems a little out of place that you are here" I shot out.

"I followed my brother here and when he saw me, he knew that I knew what he was doing...and you know the rest-;" he said cutting of talking, while tugging of the chains to prove his point.

"Say I take a chance and believe you, why is your brother doing this? Why me? I've never met him, or you until you were assigned to protect me....what did I do to him, for him to put me through all of this" I ask him.

Officer Murphy looks at me for a moment and just sadly shakes his head.

"Tori you did nothing, this isn't on you. My brother he has issues, issues I thought he overcame but I was wrong"

"Then why..." I whispered.

"You're not the first girl he has became obsessed with...there was another girl years ago...." He announced.

Looking at him, listening to his words.

Opening my mouth to reply wanting to know the story about the other girl, just as we hear the sound of a car engine getting closer to us.

And our eyes meet, an unspoken fear between us, with whatever the hell this psycho has planned for us.

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