Chapter | 21

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Warning: Do not romantici--wait no, there's hetero here so yes. Only romanticize the hetero.

"Diwa" came from the Tagalog word, "Diwata" which means "Goddess". Diwata is a Philippine mythological creature that is benevolent. They can grant good crops, health and fortune.
"Enkanto" are a variety of mythological creatures of Philippine folklore, ranging from Elves to Ancestral Spirits and even Giant Monsters. They mostly live in the woods or eerily giant trees, so it's important to respect nature to avoid their wrath. Enkanto in this book are in the same species as the Inugami; between Gods and Spirits.

one night,

"Do you feel threatened, Seraphine?" The Enchantress says while smoking near the open window, dressed in her long silk nightgown with fur hems. She is currently watching the Shifter Prince do sit ups at night, seemingly to get his mind off stuff. His body is changing, displaying his strength with muscles building up from his training.

The graceful Enchantress tells the young man on her bed, "You did well in training him. But you seem a bit jealous on his improvement? Are you threatened you'll be overpowered?"

Seraphine stays quiet, and the Enchantress doesn't need a verbal answer to understand him. She sits on the bed and lifts Seraphine's face to look at her, "Don't worry my darling, you will always be the best fighter in my sanctuary. You'll always be my favorite; so don't display such a long face."

Overpowered... sure... ahh Seraphine, stop thinking about him! "I'm sorry. I was just wondering if I can go with you again on a rescue mission."

"I only bring you on very important missions, such as the rescuing of Princess Eva. But Seraphine, I'd rather you stay here safe with the others. I cannot fathom if anything happens to you," she says, handling him like a delicate gem that has the highest worth. This made Seraphine feel special, though he doesn't think he deserves it.

"Can you tell me more about the Prince? I know little to none about him," Seraphine states.

"He was a bright and cheerful boy, according to fellow Diplomats who met him at that party in Japan. He was a loving Child, taking care of both his parents even though they're not of blood," the Enchantress says while laying beside him, making Seraphine almost snort in disbelief. But, "The Prince seemed to change when the Vampire Queen attacked his home and killed his loved one."

"His family is dead?" Seraphine asks not in a surprised way, but more of a curious and sympathetic tone.

"No, they're alive somewhere my dear," The Enchantress hums while tracing circles on Seraphine's chest, lying beside him. "It's a lover he lost that day. Such tragic love story... able to break the mind of a happy young man and turn him hollow. How cruel."

Love... Seraphine was surprised at that. He had thought the arrogant little rascal was too cold hearted to even love another person, But he's grieving... as well...?

"You have a lot in common..." She adds, "Which is why I wish for you both to get along. Treat him nicely, Seraphine. That child has been through a lot."

"He still irritates me but... I'll try to tolerate him." I feel sad for that bàstard. He gently smiles at the Enchantress, "Forgive me for not being myself, my Lady."

She giggles beside Seraphine and kisses him in the cheek while her soft hands travel to his neck. "Don't worry. I'll help you take your mind off things, alright?"

Seraphine desperately wants to stop thinking about Ryūji so he holds her playful wrist and accepts her lips.

later on at midnight,

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