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Chapter 41

{Enrique p.o.v}

I'm Lost beyond belief.

I woke up on the floor with a naked girl on me , Dot was playing loud music to get everyone up and out of his flat.

This niggah was making my head bang.

I pushed the girl off me and looked at her face. Who the fuck was she and why the hell was she on me?

I looked down at my chest and I ain't have no shirt on.

I wasn't even that faded what the fuck !

My pants was still on and I know I didn't fuck this gyal.

I screwed her and got up.

Simoe was laughing at my facial expression.

"Who this gyal is mate?" I questioned.

" I don't even know mate , Tech and file got bored and laid her on you. It was bare funny should of seen your face son,"he laughed.

She stinks of throw up , I screwed Simoe an went and found my shirt.

It was passed Morning , it was like four in the after noon.

I had a bad hang over and just couldn't find my phone , I walked up the stairs and banged on Dot's door.

He opened the door and smiled at me.

"Gay much , any ways niggah do 'ave My phone?" I questioned.

"Madison was trying to take it for some odd reason but I snatched it from her and put it in mi room. She was angry and stomped off.

I screwed to the fact that Madison touch my phone , I need disinfectant to disinfect my phone now.

He handed me my phone and I looked at it to see damage. None. I checked If Any thing was missing. None.

"Bye niggah I'm going home," I told him and he nodded.

"Get the Fuck out my house homie," he said closing his room door in my face. I shook my head and left home.

When I got home , I took a shower and threw on some shorts. I seen that Lisa had called Me since morning. I love her much but I would call her later my head was hurting. I jumped on my bed and fell asleep.

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