Mine Alone

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Logan's POV
When Leoni leaned in to mark me as we came violently on the couch, I swear I saw the universe unfold around me. I let out a huge gutteral growl as her canines pierced my skin. I knew it would hurt, and I knew it would also be pleasurable but the extent to which I felt both of these sensations was So far beyond my imaginings. My cock continued to pulsate inside my gorgeous little mate, as her vagina clenched around it. I was still shooting my come into her beautiful body and her teeth were still in my neck. A deep rapture filled every cell of my body.

Seconds later I felt a sudden surge of power bursting through me, my mouth falling open in a silent gasp and at the same time I could feel the mate bond connection opening up. I could feel Leoni's feelings and thoughts flowing across it. She let go of my marking spot and licked me tenderly. My heart swelled with incomparable joy - she was fully mine and I was fully hers.

"MINE!" said Storm and Leoni at once. Both verbally and through our mate mindlink.

I locked eyes with my heavenly Luna, "We are one my love. It is done. I am yours. You are mine."

I immediately crashed my lips to hers and I felt a sweet euphoria sweeping across the bond. Nothing could part us now, our souls were interwoven. I somehow doubted that even death could tear us apart.

We sat clinging to each other for a long time, my member still inside her, feeling the wash of sparks and exhilaration flowing back and forward across the mate bond.

When I eventually slid out of her I was still semi hard, I lifted my Tshirt from the floor and dressed my perfect little mate in it once again. She moved her slender arms above her head to help me as I drew it over her head. She was beaming at me.

"The Heat seems to have passed Logan..." she said cautiously, her smile remaining in place... "do you think that's it over?"

I shook my head as I looked at her, "I'm sorry my love, your body is not your own for another day or so as the Heat will keep returning to you until it has run its course. But, we can manage it and prevent it from becoming painful by frequent intimacy... and I for one will not be complaining if we can do some more of what we were just doing..."

Her face blushed and she bit her lip adorably. I knelt down so our faces were at the same level and gently kissed her swollen lips.

"I can be very gentle next time if you are sore sweetheart." I whispered into our tryst.

"Logan... I am sore..." my mate said softly, "but... I also feel the best I've ever felt in my whole life. Though I am a little em-embarrassed..."

I stroked her cheek lovingly. Goddess she was so perfect, I loved her innocent little blushes. "There is no need to be embarrassed when we do these natural things my little one... I am your mate..."

"It's not th-that..." she stammered, looking away, "Lo-gan... I feel I was acting in a way that was not quite myself... the way I was talking... the way I was d-demanding that you..."

She paused and her voice dropped to the quietest of whispers... so that only my wolf hearing caught it, "Logan... I was so... s-slutty..."

I nearly choked as she said it. My little mate, who up until I slid into her last night had been a virgin, who up until I had touched my lips to hers had not kissed another male... was the exact opposite of 'slutty'... I frowned.

"My Leoni... I want you to beg me for my cock when you want it, I want you to writhe beneath me, or Hell, on top of me too, with desire... I want you to use the words that we use together to express our desires... I want you to feel free to enjoy every part of our intimate life. You are only for me and I Love the idea of you being my little personal cock slut..." I smiled mischievously at her wide eyes... "but anything we do together is out of Love and because we are mates now. I will use words in the heat of passion that could mean something else in another context, but when I am with you it is a powerful expression of how your gorgeous little body drives me Wild... and how much I LOVE every part of you. You are my Luna and you could never be 'slutty'... just keep your sexy talk all for me..." I winked at her playfully and she giggled.

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