Mounting Storm

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Leoni's POV
As Logan gently and adoringly bathed me, dried me and carried me to bed, I felt such overwhelming serenity and happiness come over me. I couldn't help smiling at him. A few times when he looked up from carefully washing me with the soapy sponge and saw my smile he even let out a little laugh and muttered something that sounded like, "So fucking perfect..."

I don't know what was so 'perfect' about having to wash a sex-hazed little she-wolf, but I was feeling so giddy, light headed, spacey and not to mention SORE between my legs that I was just so grateful to him for doing all that he was. A few times whilst bathing me, or drying me, he leaned over and placed the most delicate of kisses on my lips. I loved this soft, caring side of him as much as the dominant side that had pounded into me ruthlessly at the kitchen table. The side of him that was fiercely possessive of me. I loved every bit of him... my mate... even when he was thrusting into me roughly like the Alpha wolf he was, he was still only doing it because he knew I wanted it.

He found a sweet flowery nightie that I had bought at Crossroads and slipped it over my head and down my body with a featherlight touch. When my head hit the pillow I fell into a deep sleep instantly.

Upon waking the next day I was shocked to see it was already 11am, I guessed that my passing Heat coupled with all the mind blowing extra curricular activities we had been engaging in over the last 48 hours had drained me. Storm was happily plodding about in my head, though when I called her on it she insisted that "wolves don't 'plod'!" I laughed at her reply and apologised to save her taking a big huff with me.

I got up, hobbled my way to the bathroom, had a much needed pee, brushed my teeth and headed for the kitchen. I blushed when I thought of what Logan and I did last night on that table... I found myself wincing at the soreness still present between my legs. That Alpha is H-U-G-E... I'm lucky he didn't puncture one of my organs last night the way he was barrelling into my inexperienced little pussy, I thought to myself. At least wolves were resilient and as a white wolf I knew I healed better than most. On that note, I reached to my marking spot and found Logan's mark to be almost completely healed, forming two elegant ridges above my collar bone. The sign to all other wolves that I am HIS. A fact I was very happy about.

I found Logan on the phone in the kitchen, pacing and looking irritated. It must be someone from outside the pack I pondered absentmindedly, otherwise they would just mindlink. There was a mention of a meeting and him "wanting the plan to go ahead regardless". I lifted an apple from the island and went out to the front balcony to eat it and look at the sea. It was so peaceful. I had a sudden vision of being here with our little pup running around our feet, begging us to go and make sandcastles...

Logan appeared with coffee and a massive smirk on his face. He raised an eyebrow at me...

"What??" I asked, feeling puzzled.

"You know I can see your thoughts now, little mate?" He said, his grin getting wider, " I think we should get started on creating that little sandcastle loving pup..."

I blushed wildly and threw a cushion at his face, thankfully missing the coffees.

"Logaaan... That's not fair... you know I Do want your pups, just not right this second?" He nodded when I paused, "Hey! Why am I not seeing Your thoughts Mr Alpha?"

"I haven't any block up to you babe... you just need to Try... think of me, think of our bond connection..." he said casually, like he was explaining how to water a pot plant...

I smiled as he passed me the coffee and tried what he has suggested... he must be more accustomed to having to access individual mindlinks as Alpha of a pack but mindlinking was very different to seeing thoughts over a mating bond. I tried again, thinking of Logan and of the feelings that I knew were his flowing across the bond...

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