Chapter | 20

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Warning: You're not gonna like this one 😈 or maybe you'll romanticize the other half and we don't allow that 👿

one day,

"Mistress--!" a servant of the Llora Diplomatic family was thrown to the side when she tried to help the Lady of the house. Shen's mother was in danger; she travelled to China to search for someone, but that turned out to be a very bad decision.

The Diplomat, Tenneh was weakened after their car flipped over and they were attacked by the Vampire Queen's forces. It will take time for her one leg to heal after being broken; but she still does her best to crawl out of the car before it explodes.

While the Diplomat crawls to out of the vehicle, a slow clacking of high heels is suddenly heard among the wreckage, and only then did Tenneh realize she's surrounded by idle bodyguards that stays unmoving.

"Well, well... look who came crawling back," the very beautiful Queen of Vampires looks down upon a bloody Diplomat who rivals her beauty, and quite outshone her back in their school days.

"Sisi..." Tenneh was able to communicate in Chinese, because she lived here for a long time and was where she met her ex-husband, Shen's father. "What has gotten into you... why did you start a war....?"

She had successfully gotten herself out of the car, but the Vampire Queen grabs her by the hollows of her cheeks, long red nails burying themselves into Tenneh's skin. The Queen's eyes delicately scan the Diplomat's damaged face. "Look at you. You know, I've seen your son. He's as beautiful as you. He grew up to be a liar as well, didn't he?"

"Sisi-" a guilty Tenneh was slapped by the delicate hands of an angry Vampire Queen.

"He lied to you about staying with the Shifter Prince, but he was out whoring himself to fúcking Arks! Just like when YOU lied to ME!" The Queen yells at her, angry tears start forming in her eyes. Tears of betrayal, while Tenneh looks at her with guilt and remorse.

I trust my boy... he knows how to take acre of himself...  She understood that the Queen is just driven by rage and says the most outrageous stuff.

"Sisi, listen to me..." Tenneh managed to stand up with the support of one leg, but the Queen didn't let her speak and shot her in the shoulders, making her fall to her knees on the ground. She could've fought back, Tenneh is not helpless. However, she chose not to because this is Sisi.

"You LIED about your promises, you LIAR!" The Queen mercilessly kicks Tenneh in the face, putting her on the ground as the guards stood, not even watching. "You chose your [fúcking arranged marriage] when I abandoned mine. And when you divorced him after your son's birth, what did you do?! You went back to Africa and FORGOT ABOUT ME."

The Vampire Queen kneels to the ground and pulls a bloody Tenneh up by the collar, facing her with a gun under her chin. "You crushed my heart with your hands, now you will die by mine."

"Y-you... had your own family..." Tenneh chokes out, gums bleeding. She scoffs, "A-as if... w-we can be together... y-you're a Vampire, and I'm... a Shifter... who he-helped... kill your brother..."

The previous Vampire King, who the Queen wasn't close to at all, but was still her only family. He was driven to insanity by his own greed and caused a lot of destructions years ago. He had tried to steal the power of the Gods, but was ultimately defeated. Shen and Ryūji's parents were the one who killed the previous Vampire King.

Sisi's finger on the trigger trembles, tempted to end her biggest rival once and for all. Her eyes were furious, but they also held some kind of hurt in them. "Was all we had a lie? A lie to manipulate me into forgiving what you and your friends did to my Brother?! Did I never matter to you?!"

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