5- The Shikon Jewel

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Kagura was dribbling the ball and she passed it to Tenma. He ran towards Inuyasha's goal and tried to score. "Hah! There's no way a human like you could stop me!" He said. But then, Tenma already scored. "Inuyasha, pay more attention! You know that our next match is about life and death!!" Ayomi shouted. "Whatever!" Inuyasha replied. And they went back to practice.
After practice. Ayomi called Kagura and Tenma. "What is it?" Asked Tenma. "Just follow me." She said and they followed her. They went to the place where they met Inuyasha. They sat down. Ayomi reached for her pocket and brought out a pearl-like jewel. "This is the Shikon Jewel." Ayomi said. "Naraku is after this jewel. He wants it so that he can become stronger." She added. "Oh..." Tenma said. "But, why does he want our souls?" Asked Kagura. "I'm not sure. But I know that he wants the Shikon Jewel. I am the guardian of this jewel. I am the only one who can purify it. He doesn't know that whoever uses it for bad things will become unhappy." Ayomi said while holding the jewel in her hands. "Does Inuyasha want the Jewel?" Kagura asked, curious. Ayomi smiled. "Well, he used to want it. So that he can become a full-fledged demon. But then, after experiencing how being a full-fledged is like, he didn't want to become a full demon anymore." She said. "Oh. I see." Kagura said. "We must win the match at all costs." Ayomi said and Tenma and Kagura nodded. They practiced together. They really want to win the match. ....

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