Realistic Vision

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If my life were a television series it would be one episode on repeat.

For eternity...

Each day I step into the routine of every young adult, I sleep, I eat, and I computer. Since school finished one year ago I haven't talked to any of my friends, I haven't got a job and I haven't got a life. I amuse myself with virtual games in  hope my prince charming will  plummet from the screen, I say goodmorning to  my Mum in the afternoon and my spare tyres keep consuming me. Each day goes by and although I hate what I'm doing with my life, I can't find the strength or determination to act differently.

Someone once told me that when you go to sleep your brain puts your body into a coma, a state of unconsciousness, to prevent you from acting out your dreams. I cherish my dreams, It's like playing a virtual game, except I can see the winds icy touch, and the wet drops of rain trickle down my skin.

In a dream I can have the house, I have the man and I have a life, explore of new concepts and Ideas. Sometimes I experience a mythical adventure and sometimes I just read a book to my children, but every night is magical and real.

At night the repeat button is inoperative and I fall into a state of imagination and innovation, my figure is slender and I'm fearless of whatever goes on around me.

My eyes are still that bright blue and my hair a curly long dark brown, but I don't feel like myself, I feel like my dream.

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