4- The Match

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After they got ready, Coach explained their positions. "Whhhaa?! Inuyasha goalkeeper?!" The team shouted. "And make Sesshomaru the Striker." Ayomi said to coach. "Fine." He said. "Ayomi, are these positions fit for them?" Tenma asked. "Yeah of course they are." Ayomi replied. And he just nodded. They positioned themselves in the field. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru wasn't wearing the Raimon uniforms because they didn't want to. Naraku was the coach. And, they are playing against a bunch of ugly demons. The whistle was blown. The demons had the ball but Kagura stole it easily. Ayomi was standing in her position again doing nothing. Same with Sesshomaru. Kagura ignored them and paid attention. She passed it to Tenma. He dribbled towards the opponent's goal. He passed it to Sesshomaru and in the blink of an eye, they already scored. 'Now, I know why Ayomi wanted Sesshomaru to be striker.' Tenma thought to himself, smiling.😀 The goalkeeper threw the ball to one of the demons but Shindou got it. "These guys are too easy. Is this 'Naraku' joking?" He said to himself. He passed it to Ayomi this time. And, like Sesshomaru, she scored in a blink of an eye. But a bit slower. Raimon scored for the second time! But then, Naraku said "Enough, the match is over." Everyone got shocked. "H-huh?" Kagura said. "Now, I've seen how strong you are." He said with an evil smile. "The REAL match will be in 3 days so be ready." He added. The demons and Naraku retreated. And the sky was blue again. "Hah, I didn't even do anything but stand on the goal." Complained Inuyasha. "Well, at least your butt wasn't kicked." Ayomi reasoned out. "Hah, whatever." Inuyasha said. "Anyway, guys, we have to practice harder or Naraku is gonna kill us." They nodded and they practiced. Even Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had to practice. They aren't that bad, even if they are demons.

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