House Arrest

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Leoni's POV
"Mmm..." I groaned slightly before opening my eyes. I felt sore in places I had never felt sore before, between my legs specifically. My Goddess... we had mated! And he was HUGE... no wonder I feel a bit tender down There.

I went to roll onto my side and realised that there was a heavy arm across my body. I opened my eyes and saw his gorgeous face as he slept soundly beside me. I could feel a wonderful feeling of happiness and contentment flowing from him across the mate bond. I suddenly remembered him marking me and reached up to the marking spot on my lower neck... "Ouch..." it stung a bit as I touched it but felt like it was healing well.

I became aware that I had a call of nature to answer and my bladder simply wouldn't wait for this sleepy big Alpha wolf to wake up. I tried pushing his arm off me, but with no luck. I tried slipping out underneath it but he just pulled me closer as he slept. I had a cheeky thought and wondered if I could somehow tune into these telekinetic powers I had inside me and lift his arm off me that way... no luck. Maybe I needed to be angry or afraid for them to work?

Thinking desperately to myself how best to shift him I tried the next thing that came into my head... I moved my head closer to him and licked his marking spot... that seemed to make him move a little so I did the same again...

"Aah!" I squealed as Logan was suddenly awake and on top of me with his hard bare manhood pushing into my thigh.

"Ready for Round 2 already my little mate... you've been asleep for a good 12 hours I guess, are you wanting this big Alpha to slide back inside you, my love?" He said, gazing down at me with a cheeky grin.

He took my breath away. I found my breathing becoming uneven and the familiar trickle of wetness beginning between my legs... heavens I still had no clothes on... but I guess he had seen it all now anyway I reasoned. There could be nothing to be shy about...

Coming to my senses I pushed at his chest... "No, no! Logan, I need to peeee!" Which in fairness did the job of getting him off me, I winced as I moved to the edge of the bed, "anyways, Mr Alpha, I am F-far too sore down There right now to even Think of letting you... do That... again right now...!"

I smiled across the bed at him and tried to stand up. "Ouuuch..." I said wincing again...

Logan sped around the bed to me and kneeled on the floor at my feet. "Oh my little love... I'm so sorry..." he looked truly appalled that I was in pain from our mating, "I must've been too rough with you, sweetheart. I know it often hurts after the first time but I promise you, your body will get used to taking me..."

I smiled down at his handsome face and smiled.

"Logan, you weren't rough. You were, and Are, perfect. My mate. Thank you for making my first time the most amazing, mind blowing night of my existence..." I said earnestly, "... and I definitely would like to do... all of it... again very soon..." I added in a whisper.

My Alpha mate beamed widely up at me before gathering me up in his arms and carrying me to the bathroom. I giggled into his chest...

"Logan... you have to set me down and Leave... so I can Pee!" I said as he stood holding me in the bathroom.

He leaned into me and breathed in my scent deeply... "your scent has changed sweetheart... you still smell of sweet orange and flowers but it is also mixed with my mine now too... it's beautiful... you're Mine." He nuzzled his nose in and very tenderly kissed his mark on my lower neck. He then reluctantly set me down on my feet and left the bathroom chuckling to himself.

I did my business and decided to have a quick shower while I was there, I figured it might help with the healing of my mark and it might well soothe my poor bruised pussy. As the water heated I had a quick look in the little cupboard under the sink and found some spare toothbrushes and some toothpaste - I gave my teeth a quick brush and enjoyed the minty fresh feeling as I hopped into the shower to freshen up the rest of me.

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