Valentine's Day <Tadashi>

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I walk past yet another poster for the Valentine's School Dance. Men ask Women. I don't think I'm going. .  I don't wanna go with Honey Lemon, Go Go or Aunt Cass. I walked into my new class, since I got switched.

"Ah! You must be the student who transfered!" the professor smiled at me. She. .  Looked younger then me. I gulped and stared at her, then nodded. I never did do good with talking infront of the class. "Why don't you tell us your name?"  she asked sweetly. I walked into the class room and took a deep breath. My face was red for the teacher, and the fact I had to speak infront of the class.

" M- . .  My. .  Name is. . T- . .  Tadashi Hamada. . B. .  But I. . Usually go by the name Teddy. . " I but my lip and quickly took a seat in the front of the class.

"Alright, my name is (Y/n) and yes, I am about 17." her smile was brighter then the sun. "Would anyone else like to introduce them selves to our 'new"  student?"

About 3 minutes later everyone was done saying there name and nickname. I felt a little more comfortable in this class. Professor (Y/n)  was righting something on the chalkboard.

Once class was over I decided I would ask if I could hang out with (Y/n) at the dance. I got up and walked diver to her one the class was gone. "H-Hello Professor (Y/n). I. . Can. . I ask you something?"

(Y/n) nodded and smiled at me. "Oh course Teddy! You can tell me anything!" she stopped erasing the board and turned to me. "W. . Would. .  You like to go with. .  Me to the. .  Valentine's Dance? You know. .  Just for fun?"  I smiled shyly at her, my face heating up.

(Y/n) giggled and fixed her hoodie. "Of course!" she smiled at me. "I would like to go." she kissed my cheek. "You did great today."

My face turned darker and I began stammering like an idiot. I giggled and fell over.


I understand if it sucks. . . I ran out of ideas. .  So. . If you guys want me to actually do the dance as a part two or something, I will. Just comment below and request anything else! Bye-bye!

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