He finds your secret tattoo

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Harry:When you were younger you had this crazy idea to get to birds right between and a little over you hipbones.They were with green and a little blue.The tattoo was kinda big,but you managed to hide it for the past 1.You had been dating Harry for about 6 months now and since it was mostly freezing outside it meant no beach or swimming pool which didn't give you the opportunity to show of your tattoo.

Today you were hanging out with Harry at his flat.You were watching a movie and just cuddling together.At one poin your blouse started rolling up and you tattoo was pretty ,much visible.Harry took a glance at it and when you saw what he was staring at you tried to cover it.

NO!Let me see it!Please? 


He looked at it for a while and brushed his thumb over it,just thinking,then he said: 

Are you trying to copy me with the birds?he smiled cheekily. 

Um,I got my birds a 1 ago I think your the copy one.you grinned back.

At least one way or another we match with something and I like your tattoo,and with that he kissed you.

Zayn:You knew Zayn had a lot of tattoos,but when you got one you didn't know how to tell me.Right on your hipbone a nice feather was covering it.It was a little big but nice,it was kinda sexy at the same time.It symbolized pure beauty.

You were just changing trying to choose what pj's to wear at a sleepover with the boys,You were just in your underwear staring in the mirror when someone entered the room.Zayn.

Zayn,what are you doing hear?you asked facing him forgetting about the tattoo. 

Is that a feather in your hipbone?he asked coming next to you and touching it lightly with his fingertips.

Yes,I got it 2 weeks ago,but i Didn't know how to tell you.

Well,i really do like it since i have tattoos as well,i think it suits you.

Liam:3weeks ago you went to this party with your best friends and you got a little bit tipsy.So because of your little dumbness for the drinks you went to a tattoo shop and got a tattoo.You friends did as well,one of them on her wrist the superman sign,one of them got the green lanther sign on her hip and you well,you got the batman sing on the back of your left shoulder.It was nice since Liam loved bat,an but kinda awkward as well.The tattoo wasn't big but still it was there.Not to mention that with you came this girl and got her boyfriends name tattooed on her lower back with hearts on it.

Anyways,when you found out about the tattoo you freaked out,Liam said that even though he has tattoos he is bot letting you get one until he takes a decision.

Tonight you and Liam decided to go swimming in your backyard in his pool.You got this nice two piece swim suite thatdidn't have straps so your tattoo was visible.

When Liam saw your shoulder he just stared at you angry.

Din't I tell no tattoos? 

I know Liam,but I got this one at that party I don't even remember singing that papers I'm sorry.

It's ok,i kinda like it anyways you,batman logo.But this is the last tattoo for a while.Btw let me guess your friends did this as well? 

You told him about them,he said you are lucky for getting just the batman sign and nothing else.

Hope you liked it..I will do one with Niall and Louis as well:)

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