Promises Kept

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Logan's POV
My heart felt full as our evening progressed, the food my mother had prepared was outstanding but the absolute highlight was basking in the presence of my stunning little mate. Her cute giggles, her stories from her childhood, her rapt attention on me when I told her things about myself... her pink lips as she ate her chocolate eclair, bringing her sweet tongue out to lick cream from the corner of her mouth... my cock twitched in my pants as I was reminded of her sucking my manhood so adeptly earlier in the day, and licking my come from her lips.

After we had finished with dessert I encouraged her out onto the decking of the beach house and glanced through the window as I made coffee to see her getting comfortable on the plush seating there. I made hazelnut coffees and lifted some little chocolate truffles from a box on the counter - my mother had really thought of everything it seemed.

A moment later I stepped out into the night air and inhaled quickly as I caught sight of my little mate. She was sitting under the blanket, staring out at the setting sun over the sea. The moonlight reflecting on her face and golden hair, the way she was biting on her lower pink lip, her tanned skin, her gentle scent of sweet oranges and flowers... my wolf was also keenly aware of the building scent of Heat emanating from our mate. It was a spellbinding combination.

"Just beautiful..." I exhaled softly. She nodded looking at the sea then blushed as she looked at me and realised my true meaning. She beckoned me over with a bright smile and I passed her a mug of coffee as I snuggled in beside her under the blanket.

"Mm... Logan this coffee is delicious... is that... hazelnuts?" She asked softly.

"Yes, my little one... hazelnut coffee... and..." I reached forward to the tray and then brought a small chocolate truffle to her delectable lips... She parted them granting me access and I rewarded her by placing the chocolate on her tongue. I took another quick intake of breath as the mating sparks exploded where my fingers had brushed her lips. They sent a powerful rush of desire down my body. Leoni moaned lightly and I barely managed to contain a moan of my own. Her scent was now driving me insane with lust.

This little she-wolf needed to be made Mine... her small frame with her full round breasts and curvy hips... her innocent azure eyes that I could easily get lost in... her marking spot calling to me urging me to pierce it with my canines. I thanked the Goddess that she was of age. I really had been genuinely concerned at first that I would need to wait another tantalising year or two, for she looked so young. So sweet and innocent. My manhood started to swell as I had a sudden flash of memory from the previous few days, my little mate's breasts in my hands, my fingers ripping her hymen as I finger fucked her and her writhing helpless in sheer pleasure. Bringing her to her first ever orgasm...

"Leoni... I feel so incredibly lucky and Blessed to have found you my love..." I said softly. I drained my coffee and took our cups, setting them back on the tray.

I could wait no longer to touch my sexy little mate. She had abandoned the leather jacket and heels by this stage. The dress she had chosen accentuated her curves wonderfully and had Otis howling in my mind. I leaned in and brushed my lips against her sweet pout. The sparks again erupted between us and a moan escaped me as I deepened our kiss. I brought my palm up to her soft neck and as I intuitively touched her marking spot it was her turn to moan into our kiss.

Honestly my Alpha tendencies were very much coming to the fore now. I pushed her back on the soft seating, keeping my lips on hers. I didn't want to part from her and I didn't want to give her even a second to feel self-conscious or any doubt. I Needed to mate and mark this wonderful, sexy girl. I just prayed to the Goddess that she was truly ready as when it came to it I would keep my promise to her even if it killed me. I could sense her increased arousal, the scent of it was washing over my senses leaving me unable to do anything but seduce her further. My little mate was experiencing some of the intensity of the Heat, I could feel it in the way she moved against me- she was kissing me with a desperation. I longed to satisfy her, to fill her with my throbbing length and answer her body's siren call to me.

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