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"Wake up," Jonghyun cooed, waking up Key with a gentle nudge, but Key only groaned and rolled over to face the wall.

"Too early," he muttered before falling asleep again. And it was true; it had only just turned 8am, but Jonghyun had awoken to the sound of Taemin's voice which seemed loud in comparison to everything else.

Deciding that he could do with a few more hours of sleep - and thankful that they had the day off to do whatever they wanted - Jonghyun climbed into Key's small bed and cuddled up to him.

He was squashed, and he could hear Key complaining, half asleep, but Jonghyun simply smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around Key's waist, kissing his neck.

He too, drifted off to sleep within minutes.


"Jonghyun?" Key murmured as he rolled around to find himself face to face with his sleeping room mate. He untangled his hand from the bedsheets to brush away a strand of hair that was covering his eyes.

He couldn't move anymore than that; Jonghyun had a firm grip around his waist, and Key knew that he'd fall out of bed if he pushed him over even slightly.

One of Jonghyun's hands was resting against his thigh, making him feel both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time.

"Jonghyun, please wake up," Key whispered after a minute as he had begun to get a cramp in the arm he was resting on. Jonghyun stirred, the corner of his mouth twitching up ever so slightly.

"Jonghyunie," Key tried again, poking the older boy's cheek with his free hand.

Jonghyun mumbled incoherantly before his eyes flickered open. And then they grew wider as he realsed where he was and what he was doing.

"Aah! Sorry!" Jonghyun exclaimed, suddenly fully awake.

Key laughed, stretching out his arm once Jonghyun had moved over slightly.

"It's okay, hyung." Key replied blissfully and Jonghyun smiled, wrapped both arms around Key's waist and resting his head on Key's chest.

"Jjong, you have to get up. I'm going to visit my mum today and the train leaves soon." Key whispered, brushing the hair out of Jonghyun's face carefully.

"Hmph." He grumbled and nuzzled his face further into Key's chest.

"Jjong..." Key whined and Jonghyun grumbled in vanquish.

"Fine, but I'm coming with you." He stated and Key smiled, not willing to admit that, that was what he was hoping would happen.

"Sure." He replied and Jonghyun got off of him, heading towards the drawer and lifting his shirt off.

Of course Key looked.

Who wouldn't look when one of the sexiest men in the world was stood in front of you, changing clothes?

Key especially enjoyed it when Jonghyun took his trousers off, but unfortunately Jonghyun didn't go any further than that.

After secretly (but not so secretly as Jonghyun noticed; the strip show was intended, just to see if Key would react well, which he did) watching Jonghyun change, Key also changed and they headed outside and made their way towards the train station, getting their tickets before boarding the train.

"Yahh, Jonghyun. You can't just lie across me! It's not comfy," Key complained when Jonghyun threw himself across Key, resting his head on his lap.  

"But you're comfy," Jonghyun retaliated and Key rolled his eyes, giving up.

"Fine," he huffed playfully and Jonghyun smiled, closing his eyes and shortly after, drifting off into a light sleep.


"Key, baby! How are you?" Key's mum embraced Key as soon as she opened the door, letting the fact of seeing her son after so long sink in.

"Hey mum," he greeted and Mrs. Kim's eyes finally found Jonghyun's.

"Jonghyun! I didn't see you there. How are you? Come on in!" She motioned for him to come in the house, so he stepped casually inside, eyeing the interior.

It looked just how he remembered it; he used to come here when Key and himsef were in their trainee days.

He remembered how they used to run around the house, playing pointless games that would mess up the house. How they would always make forts and tell secrets under them; things that "normal" 16-17 year olds would consider childish, but sometimes being free is the best.

"Come on, sit down. We have lots to catch up on," Mrs. Kim said and the two boys happily obliged, perching ourselves on the couch and reminiscing about what has happened throughout the past few months.

Jonghyun sat close to Key, occasionally brushing and linking their fingers when he thought Key's mum wasn't looking.

Jonghyun spoke about their memories fondly, gazing into each other's eyes and smiling whenever a memory that they loved a lot popped up.

"And then we went to bed, Jjong and I were really tired after that. But it was totally worth it." Key finally finished the story about the time when we went to the park a few months back.

"I managed to fall face first into the mud, and a hoard of reckless kids started to chase me with sticks for no reason!" Jonghyun added, glancing at Key, feeling especially nostalgic.

"It seems like you've had a lovely time together," Mrs. Kim said half-heartedly, as it seems she was busy focusing on something else.

And then Jonghyun realised why.

It was the fact that Jonghyun had his fingers entwined with Key's that had Mrs. Kim on edge. 

Jonghyun quickly pulled away looking at Key's mother uneasily, which wasn't a very good idea, as Mrs. Kim shot a skeptical look towards the older boy.

"I'm going to go and make us some tea." Key said cheerily, completely oblivious to the current situation as he wandered out of the room, humming a familiar tune.

Once Mrs. Kim was sure her son was out of earshot, she looked Jonghyun dead in the eye and said the words that Jonghyun dreaded hearing: "Jonghyun, what's going on with you and my son?" He knew he was in trouble, and he wasn't even sure how to reply to that.

It seemed that things were only going to get more complicated.

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