Chapter 14

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We carried on driving as we watched the smoke from the town rise higher and higher and everyone kept swapping driving turns.

(Leighanna's POV)

"Kian... Where's Harry?" Leighanna asked. Kian didn't reply. I stared at him for a while. "I...I...Killed him." he replied after a few minutes. Everybody stopped in silence, nobody dared to ask questions. It was quiet for about 4 hours "Why did you kill him and how did you kill him?" I suddenly asked. "Why did you kill Ryan and Caitlyn?" He replied. I stayed quiet and everyone stared at me. "What are you all looking at I just witnessed it and so did Shannon. Kian actually killed Harry. Plus me and Alfie were just doing you all a favour they were getting annoying anyway and they were weak." I said. Everyone was to weak to disagree. I was getting hungry so i pulled out one of the walky talkies that Kian gave to me and the driver. "Pull over when possible please." I whispered. The truck stopped and the back of the trailer opened. "Everyone have a toilet break and eat something, then were back on the road." Alfie demanded. "Where are we actually heading?" Kian asked. "Wisconsin. I figured since there are hardly any people in that state maybe there arn't as many zombies." Alfie replied. I asked Alfie and shannon to follow me into the trees. "They know we killed them." I said. "What? how?" Alfie asked. "Never mind! We have bigger problems. Run!" I shouted as a herd of about 200 zombies approached. "Everyone into the trucks. Hurry." Alfie shouted.

(Alfie's POV)

The herd of zombies were getting closer. I was screaming at people to get into the trucks. "Put the engines on." I screamed at the drivers. I got into the front seat with sinead and everthing was locked. All the other trucks had gone, But ours didn't start. We had all the people in the back. "Is everyone okay?" I asked through the walky talky. " ......." They replied panicingly. The walky talking was muzzled and after that there was no reply. "Its too heavy!" Sinead shouted. I quickly thought. There was no food in the back of our trucks. just dying people. I pressed the eject button. I felt horrible but its what i had to do. We drove off and we saw the trailer beeing destroyed. "Im sorry!" I said into the walky talky. After another few hours of driveing, all the trucks met up and because we were in a hurry, there were random drivers. The survivers were: Me, Sinead, Leighanna, Peck, Kian and Francesca.

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