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06 -  hands

" uhh, y/n ? earth to y/n ? " sooyoung giggled, immediately noticing your staring, making your face flush.

" uhm, yeah sorry, sooyoung right ? " you asked, brushing off the fact you were staring heavily at the other woman. 

" mhhm. " she smiled, opening her mouth as if to say something else to you, but quickly shut it close, feeling jiwoo's grip on her arm.

" let's go eat ! i'm hungryyy~ " jiwoo grinned, looking up to sooyoung, realizing she was staring at you, you staring at her as well. 

you two had this look in your eyes, love? no, no, no way right? right-?

" sooyoungie~ " jiwoo pouted, both of you directing your attention at her, jiwoo smiling in success. sooyoung cleared her throat, and offered to take your hand, before quickly realizing both of you had dates standing right next to you, whoops. 

she quickly coughed a bit awkwardly, gesturing her hand at jiwoo instead, jiwoo looking at you for a moment before taking the older womans hand, letting her lead her off.

" sooyoung's already making moves on you, y/n. " heejin giggled, making your face flush. heejin took your hand, the two of you following jiwoo and sooyoung.

" don't lie. " you said, keeping your voice as stern as possible, failing miserably. 

" i'm not, she tried to take your hand when jiwoo was right there, and the staring? you two are basically in love. " she giggled, squeezing your hand a bit tighter once you two approached the other couple.

no way you already fell for sooyoung, right ?

" yah ! get over here lovebirds ! " jiwoo giggled, holding sooyoung nearly to death.

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