The rest of the day was a sad blur. Psychology was pretty awesome but everything after that sucked. "You wanna hang out today or is some other anti- Jer afternoon?" I smiled and hugged Jeremy. I was outside at the car park. "God it's been ages since i last saw you. No more anti-Jer days." he smiled slightly then kissed me. I looked carefully at Jeremy and he seemed different. He wasn't as loving as he usually was. He seemed quite cold today.

"What's wrong?" I asked. He turned away and opened the car door for me. "It's nothing really just get in." Wow! This was a side i had never seen. "It is pretty important Jeremy. Just tell me what's wrong?" I persisted. Jeremy took a large sigh. "Get in and i promise to explain when we get there." there was a part of me that wanted to know exactly where there was but i kept quiet. Whatever's about to happen i have a gut feeling it's gonna be bad.

He got into the drivers seat and drove to Tiki Beach aka where we had our first date. He got out of the car and opened my door soon after. "Should we sit?" I asked. "It doesn't matter, i'll make this quick." He replied. "Valerie, when we met it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It was like love at first site. You were elegant, beautiful and you got the jokes i told. After i took you on that date i knew i needed you to be mine." I smiled up at him. "That's really sweet of you Jer." I hugged him.

"I'm sorry Valerie but, the day we met was a mistake. What i thought then and what i know now are completely different." I was utterly shocked by the words that came out of Jeremy's mouth. "Wha-what are you trying to say Jeremy?" I didn't exactly know where this was going anymore. "Valerie i'm so sorry but we can't be together anymore." he spoke so bluntly. "No. No, no, no, no Jer- wha-why? What did i do?! I did nothing wrong!! Wh-" he interrupted me. "Val look it's not you its-" "Shut the fuck up! Don't give me that 'it's not you it's me' bullshit! I-i don't understand what i did." i cried out.

"Look i said i was sorry, you won't understand right now but you'll get over it. Go find Jacob he might be able to help." he spoke sarcastically. "Oh! Is this about Jake?! Is it because i always hang out with him? Huh Jeremy?!" I was furious right now. "It's because you kissed him Val! You made out with your best friend." With that said Jeremy walked away. "Jer wait." I cried. "I'm sick and tired of it Val. I thought you were there for me, then you go kissing other guys behind my back? Don't you think it's sick! I can't do this anymore." I didn't know what else to say.

As Jeremy drove off i couldn't move. I didn't know what to do! Where to go. I just had my first heartbreak and it hurt. A lot! How did Jake make it through all of those? I can't. I feel weak in the knees and fall to the ground. I can't help but cry. I had to cry! How else do i get rid of it all? I finally took my phone out of my pocket with tear filled eyes and dialed Jake's number. He didn't pick up at all. I walked to his house. It took about an hour to get there. Without thinking i opened the door and walked to his room. Jacob was on his bed sleeping.

"Jake? Hey Jake. I-I Please wake up." I barely got the words out. "Val? What's wrong? You sound sad." he yawned not quite awake yet. What he said made me chuckle a bit. " I'm sorry for waking you up. It's just, Jer- He- he" I burst out into tears. This time he was awake. Jacob wrapped his arms around me.

Jake's POV

I knew exactly what happened. Her tears said it all. I wrapped my hands around her. She cried and cried some more, and i let her. Val needed to let it all out. "How d'you do it? How do you not cry?" she asked in tears. I actually didn't know the answer to this. " Well i don't really know... I let it out through anger. You've never actually seen me like that, and let's keep it that way. Hold on a second ok?" she nodded and i went downstairs. I got her a spoon and a carton of ice cream. "Here. It's pretty late but you go at it." I smiled at her. She looked at me with a gleam in her eyes.

We sat there as she ate and i watched her. "D'you want some?" she asked. "Nah i'm good" i replied. Despite this she took the spoon full of ice cream and stuffed it into my mouth. "Seriously?" i asked. She laughed. I lay my head down on my pillow. "I guess you're sleeping over today" i spoke. "Yeah i guess." she out the carton to the side and walked to my wardrobe. "Stealing from me again?" she looked at me rather tired and stuck her tongue out. She took a pair of my boxers (Predictable) and a shirt.

When she got back into my bed she was pretty cold. "See what happens when you eats ice cream this late at night?" I pulled her closer to me and covered her and myself up. She placed her hand on my chest and it was cold as fuck. "What the hell! Are you trying to fucking freeze me?" i asked. "Well next time put on some clothes." she yawned. "You know you love it." I retorted. "That's what you think." I hugged her. "You'll be fine Val, i promise. I'll kill him next time i see him." She chuckled and hugged me tighter.

"Thank you Jake. Without you i'd still be with the wrong guy, so thank you." i could tell she was pretty tired. "C'mon let's get you asleep." she loosened her hold on me. "Goodnight." she spoke out. "Night." I replied. I don't understand why she thanked me though, i don't deserve it. Goodnight Val and thank YOU.







. took me quite a while.... sorry. Well anyway i hope that you guys like this chapter.

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