I've been staring at my arm for the past 10 minutes. Jacob had told me he'd be passing by today so that we could walk to school. So here i am outside staring at my fully disfigured arm. " Sorry I took so long, dressing up to look this sexy takes time." at last Jacob arrived. I rolled my eyes at him. "You're so full of yourself." i retorted. "You're in denial. Anyway what's up with your arm? I saw you staring at it." he asked as our walk to hell began.

"Oh! It's nothing really, just this thing happened yesterday night. I sort of fell when i was getting out of the bathtub." he looked at me and chuckled. "Lemme see." I gladly showed him my arm. Jake took my arm in his hand and examined it as if he were a doctor. "I honestly want to laugh out so hard, but since you look like you're in pain, i'll spare you. Instead though i can do this." he rubbed against my hand. "It'll make it better, just don't stress it too much." He smiled and kept rubbing my hand.

At first i thought nothing of it, until i realized how awkward this felt. It just generally didn't feel the same holding Jacobs hand. I felt tingly. I think he noticed too because he was staring down at our hands. Without a second thought i pulled my hand away and put it in my pocket. "Sorry about that." he apologized. "Yeah." We walked to school in silence so awkward it hurt.

"SO i'm gonna to class now." I spoke awkwardly. "Yeah you go do that, oh and Val?" Jake grabbed my hand with a smirk. "Your cheeks were red the entire walk to school." he chuckled and ran off before i could smack him. Stupid! Anyway onto my first class, Biology.Worst class you could ever do at school. "Well Valerie, i see you and Jake are finally together now." Meg smirked at me in class. "What! No!" I shrieked.

Meg laughed and looked at me knowingly. " Don't worry he didn't tell me anything, i saw this coming from ages ago. I'm happy for you though. You two are adorbz babez!" Before i could explain to her Mrs Longtine came in. "Good morning everybody, today we're gonna learn more about molecular Biology. Everyone get your books out." she yelled.

Just the i got a message from the devil himself. 'Hey come over to the music room next period.' it read ' Why?' I replied. "Mrs Johnson is there something you'd like to share with the class?" Mrs Longtine asked as i put my phone away. "No Mrs. It won't happen again. She turned away and continued our lesson in molecular Biology. My phone kept buzzing but i ignored it. Class eventually ended and i found myself heading to the music room.

"About time you got here." Jake smirked grabbing me by the hand and dragging me along. "What are we doing here?" I asked very confused and irritated. "Calm your tits Val, we'll get there when we get there." he groaned and eventually sat me down in front of a piano. "Play" he demanded. "What?" I asked confused. "The song. You know." he shrugged. "Why?" I asked. "Don't question, just do Valerie!" he rolled his eyes and i proceeded with the song.

We thought of this system when we'd just gotten into middle school. We each have songs that only the other can play to calm us down. Jake was now in the process of calming himself. I have no idea what's going through his mind. I didn't get too mad at him when he got cranky because i know exactly how he feels. "It's not working Val. I- I can't calm down." he was panicking. I held his face in my hands. "Jake listen to me. Snap out of it! where's the cocky, nonchalant Jake i know? Stop thinking too much and chill!" I basically say the same thing each time it happens.

Jacob was looking me deep in the eyes. I felt pretty awkward but stood my ground. Jake smirked and i knew something wasn't right. He quickly went in and kissed me. Again! "I'm pretty good, you've got to admit. No one can look that depressed while acting." he bragged. "Unless you weren't pretending." I replied then slapped him straight on the face. "Ouch. I deserved that." he spoke rubbing his cheek. We were walking out of the music room.

"Jacob you know what you did there wasn't-" he interrupts me. "Yeah yeah i get it Val.... i won't do it again.... maybe. But the song actually did help." He spoke. "And how exactly did it do that?" i asked rather curious. " What? You think building up the courage to kiss you is easy?" he laughed. "C'mon you have psychology." He added. "You are the worst best friend ever!" i cried out. " Whatever you say Val." he said as he walked to his class.

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