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05 - sooyoung

" ah, you look good y/n. " heejin smiled, grabbing you by the hand. you rolled your eyes jokingly, letting heejin guide you to her car. you two weren't dressed up, but you still wanted to put effort into looking nice.

" thank you, heekki. " you beamed back, allowing her to open the cars passenger door for you, quickly taking your seat after her doing so.

she ran to the other side of the car, you giggling watching her run around the vehicle.

" ready to meet jiwoo and sooyoung ? " she asked, heavy breathed due to her little run.

" of course, as if this will really matter to me. i should be asking you if you're ready to meet jiwooyoung. " you giggled, pointing a finger to her, only for her to roll her eyes.

" don't treat them like an item yet, heechuu will prevail, as usual. " she giggled, now it was your turn to roll your eyes at the girl, giving her a slap on the arm.

during your drive to the resturant, small talk was a given, until it reached the point where you realized you knew nothing about this sooyoung figure.

" hm, she's tallish, long dark brown hair, ripped and i mean ripped, she works out and dances, like me. she's extremely wanted by girls i'd say, women are basically all over her. her hair was short for a time, but not anymore. " 

woah, this girl sounded ideal.

" is she nice ? or is it all just looks. " you asked, tilting your head.

" one of the nicest people i've ever met, and we've barely communicated recently, so caring, never leaves anyone out, always generous as well. nearly too good for this world. " she sighed, focused on finding parking.

" oh. " you said, not having too much of a response, this woman sounds heavenly, the perfect girl, but it's not time to think about that. you guys had parked and had to go.

but now, hearing about sooyoung? the nervousness washed over you a little too quickly.


you guys were inside, heejin's hand in yours, her squeezing rather tight, knowing she hadn't seen jiwoo since the breakup. odd that she even wanted to see heejin here today.

" uh oh. " she muttered, seeing the all too familiar jiwoo headed her way, sooyoung trailing kind of far behind.

" y/n ! heejinnie ! " she grinned, heejin's hand clamping shut onto yours from the nickname, jiwoo was already clung onto you, the biggest hug you'd ever received.

as soon as she let go, heejin's hand on yours also released, you needed to breathe for a good second to recover the hug you were just given from nearly a stranger.

" heejinnie ! " she shouted, clinging onto the girl next, odd. why would she do this with a girlfriend, or maybe jiwoo was just like this.

you just sat and stared at them, smiling at their hug that seemed to last forever, before a voice called for specifically you. 

" y/n ? sorry about jiwoo, she's--like that. " she said, starting to mumble the last part. you turned your head, eyes meeting with someone taller than you, and the most attractive woman you'd ever seen.


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