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This is a disaster!
Maybe if I undo it?

You can try,
but I think the notification
will still go through.

Hold on.  I'm removing the like.

Okay, done.
The last post was over a week ago.
It doesn't seem like this account
is used much.

That you know of.
Posts may only show up
for friends normally.

Don't tell me that!
You're supposed to be my
calming voice of reason!

Listen, I'm just being
realistic here.  It's not that
big a deal, "liking" someone's
picture that you haven't seen
in a while.

I'm a creepy stalker now.
A creepy skulking stalker
creepily skulking around
an old crush's pictures!

Only because you got that
whatever year high school reunion
invitation.  I'm sure a lot of people
are looking up old friends now.
This is completely normal.

Yeah.  Maybe if I like some
other people's pictures, too,
that's what it will look like.

Let's not get carried away.
Minimizing damage here.

Okay, calming down.

At least it wasn't a picture
posted from a long time ago.

Well, it was from two years ago.

What?!  You told me
it was a profile picture!

It was!
Just not the current one.

You're not giving me much
to work with here, you know that?

What am I going to do?!

Listen.  What's the worst
that can happen from this?

A restraining order?

I mean realistically.
You'll have a few awkward
messages and that's it.

I suppose.

You might also have
a nice conversation.
Get to know one another.
Doesn't sound so bad.

That'll be a short conversation.
I'll sound like a babbling fool.

Hey! That's my friend
you're talking about.

I didn't know you in high school,
but I'd like to think I've come to
know you pretty well the past
few years.  You know that I don't
suffer fools.

You're funny. You're kind.
You worry about others' comfort
almost to your own detriment.
(which we need to talk about sometime)

You somehow manage to find
some amount of joy in everything
you do, and that rubs off on people.

Anyone in the world would
be lucky to have you like
something on their online feed,
accidentally or not.

I am a bitter, caustic cynic
that doesn't tolerate people
but there's just no way I can
imagine existence without you.

Uh... you still there?

I'm here.
I just needed a tissue.

Oh good. I was afraid
I was in the wrong app
messaging my manager.

Nope. Just turned into
a weeping mess over here.


Yeah, well, I probably
don't let you hear this stuff
nearly enough.

You do, in your own
brooding way.
I can get where you're
coming from.

Most of the time.

You're my friend.
I love you.
My life is better
having known you.

I thought it was because
of my cheesecake recipe.

Not gonna lie, it helps.

I love you, too.

Yeah, you do.

How do you feel?

Better, thank you.


And you owe me cheesecake.

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