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04 - mwahchuu has followed you!

mwahchuu has followed you!

swansoo has followed you!

" hm ? "

you muttered, looking down at your phone, most of heejin's friends had already followed you prior to her post, but these two were new. 

yet, you knew who they were.

chuu, or jiwoo, heejin's ex.

sooyoung, jiwoo's girlfriend, yet you didn't know what she looked like yet. 


you just followed back without a second glance at your phone, setting it down after seeing heejin charge into the room.

" shin. " 

" jeon ? " you questioned, confused at her tone.

" sooyoung and jiwoo want a double date, tonight. "

" then a double date is what they'll receive. " you responded, giving her a questioning look.

" wha ? " 

" heejin, if we are fake dating we are going all the way, i'm not doing this just for you not to get the love of you life back. " you murmured, standing up from the chair, " get ready to go. " you smiled, moving off to your room.

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