People rant

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Hey bitches

How annoying are people?
Have you ever just wanted to scream into someone's face "can you just shut up for like five seconds?!"

There is a girl in my Maths class and she never shuts up!!!!!!!!
She will scream out in class "I do not understand!!" (In her annoying and very loud voice)
But then when someone else says that they don't understand, she will be like "shut up"
*snaps fingers*
*chases her*
*kills her*
...I mean...I wouldn't do that... :\

She thinks that everyone is IN LOVE WITH HER
If a boy in the class will be like "please be quite" no joke, she will do this
*turn around to look at them*
*looks at them for a few seconds*
:| :| :|
*smiles like she just won the lottery*
:D ;D

What the fuck?!
Please tell me what is going on in that mind of hers because it is clearly not common sense

Do you understand how tempting it is to throw a brick at her in class?
I'm not kidding at all

May the odds be in your favour

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