Chapter one- Just the start.

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There was this girl, her name was Annie. Annie is in high school, she doesn't have much friends, but she has Charlotte which was her best friend since kindergarten. Annie has always been into murder, creepy pasta, horror, things like that. She never really knew why. Annie started packing her stuff as the bell rang to go home. Annie said to Charlotte "Hey, Wanna come to my house today? We can have a sleepover!" "Yeah sure!" Charlotte replied. They walk home together and talked. Annie started to get this weird feeling, she figured it was just because she was hungry and had a long day. They got to the house and ate some pizza Annie's mom had made. "Annie I'm going to a party tonight for one of my friend's anniversary so you and Charlotte will be home along tonight until lunch tomorrow" "K mom! Well me and char are going upstairs, tell me when you're leaving. Love you!!" Annie replied. Her and Charlotte went upstairs and watched a horror movie.

A few hours later Annie's mom called them down stairs and said she was leaving. They said goodbye to Anne's mom and went back upstairs. "So what do you want to do?" Charlotte asked. "How about we play a scary game?" Annie said. Charlotte aggreed and they played a scary game. They chose to do bloody mary. Annie went to the bathroom alone, turned off the lights, and said " bloody mary " three times. After she said that, she felt the weird feeling again, she, again, thought nothing of it, and assumed she was just tired. Nothing had happened while she was in the bathroom, so she went to go walk out. She has heard someone say "I am here.." so she quickly turned on the light and turned around not seeing anything. She shook it off and went back to the room. Charlotte asked what happened, "nothing happened haha" Annie replied. They watched another horror movie then decided to go out. Both aggreed. While they were walking downstairs they heard something outside. They thought it was the neighbors so they kept walking downstairs. Annie went to get her bag and some money from by the sink in the kitchen. She looked outside the window in front of her and was shocked by what she had seen.

This was just the start.

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