Date Night, Fate Night

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Leoni's POV
When we got back to the Alpha Cabin Logan mysteriously vanished and instructed me to get changed into "something pretty" for our date. I was beyond curious as to where he had sped off to without even a kiss goodbye... I pouted at the thought and immediately felt the prickly heat crawling up my body. It was definitely starting to get worse. I tried to take my mind off my impending Heat and unpacked my bags of newly acquired clothing.

While I was putting everything away in the closet where Logan had already cleared a huge range of shelving and drawers for me, I spotted a cute little short black dress that I thought would be perfect for our "first date"... it would no doubt seem strange to humans that often times wolves would have their first official "dates" After they had had sex with each other. In fact most destined mates complete the mating process the first night they meet. I smiled shyly to myself at how patient Logan was willing to be for me.

I slipped into some black lace underwear, the little black dress and some sexy black heels that made my legs look amazing... I teamed it all with the fitted black faux leather jacket and a little sparkly shoulder bag. I rarely wore much make up but this evening seemed to qualify as a massively important occasion so I brought out some light tinted moisturiser, black mascara, light pink lip gloss and an eye liner that Carly had insisted I buy. Looking at myself in the mirror I smiled, I looked pretty cute! I hoped Logan would approve... I ran a brush through my waist length blonde locks and gave myself a little nod in the mirror.

Just as I slipped my feet into my heels I heard a knock at the door. Would Logan be knocking at his own cabin door? I went to the door and opened it - the sight that greeted me took my breath away. Logan was standing on the front step, in dark jeans and a black shirt which clung to his muscles in all the right places... he was smiling his megawatt smile at me and looking me up and down with undeniable lust in his eyes... and carrying an absolutely Huge bunch of pink flowers.

Tears welled in my eyes and a moved my hands to fan them so as to save my newly applied mascara from running. "Oh, Logan... you look so..." I bit my lower lip and cast my eyes up and down his incredibly sexy form as he stood there.

My gorgeous mate then stepped towards me presenting me with the flowers and simultaneously placing a single kiss on my cheek. "Thank you so much Logan... they are stunning" I said taking the flowers from him beaming. I placed them in a jug with some water in the kitchen and as I bent slightly to set the jug down I could feel Logan's eyes roaming over my body. I could see him admiring my legs and ass as I bent across the kitchen table. I turned to him and smiled shyly, but inside me heat flared, a heat only my mate could help me with.

"Leoni, you look amazing my love. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Will you give this Alpha great pleasure and join him on a first date?" He said, offering me his arm.

I smiled unreservedly and reached out for him. He placed his hand on mine and the mate sparks danced around our fingers. He led me out of the cabin and over to the packhouse but instead of going in as I expected he walked me around to the far side to where some cars were parked. He opened the door of a seriously sexy blue Jaguar sports car and I got in. I knew the pack was wealthy but this car was a serious piece of kit. Logan got in beside me and leaned over to place a small kiss on my lips. My lips longed for more as the mating sparks sent little bursts of pleasure to my core.

"Mmm..." Logan gently murmured as he pulled away reluctantly... "much as every cell in my body wants to continue that kiss, I have plans for you tonight my little love..."

He directed his eyes to the driveway in front of us and started the car with loud rev. "Is this your car Logan?" I asked curiously. He never struck me as someone into luxury items.

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