At The Crossroads

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Leoni's POV
As Logan drove us over to Powell River he held my hand across the front of the car. Our fingers interlaced with each other and the promise of begging him to make me his later that day hung in the air. I could feel the beginnings of the Heat rising in me but thankfully it didn't seem to be at the point yet where any unmated wolves would smell my heated scent. I think when I do get to that stage tomorrow or the day after Logan will have me tied to the bed and the doors firmly locked to keep any other males away from me. I laughed softly to myself at the thought and I could feel a slight flush come to my cheeks. Logan glanced over at me adoringly and smiled.

Meanwhile Sophia and Carly were chatting nonstop about the stores they thought we should visit that afternoon. I was excited to get some clothing that would actually be Mine and not Sophia's hand me downs! It didn't take more than 30 minutes for us to be pulling into downtown Powell River. Logan parked up the black 4x4 and hopped out of the car quickly so he could open my door for me. I smiled at him coyly...

"It isn't just Otis who is a gent, you know?" He said, smiling cheekily.

He took my hand, kissing my knuckles as he asked if anyone had a preference for somewhere to go for a quick bite of lunch. I was happy to be guided by the others, not knowing the town atall.

"Oh!! Can we go to Edie Rae's cafe?? Leoni you would love it and it's pretty handy right over on Walnut Street... they do the most A-ma-zing French toast and pancakes..." Sophia pleaded.

Logan and I laughed. Her face was the face of a girl who genuinely thought she would die without some French Toast immediately.

"What do you think my little love? It's only fair that our new Luna has the casting vote..." Logan said whilst staring at my indulgently.

"Well, I Love French toast so that sounds great to me!"

"All fine by me too!" Chipped in Carly without skipping a beat, she was busy fixing her stunning pillar box red hair using the reflection in the 4x4's glass.

With that we headed off to Edie Rae's and settled ourselves at a table by the window where we could watch the world go by. We quickly ordered - Logan amazed me by ordering 3 portions of French Toast with extra pancakes on the side just for himself. He caught me staring at his huge portion when it arrived and leaned into me to whisper, "Hey, you Know nothing about me is small, my love..."

As he spoke a flash of the same prickly heat from earlier struck my core and I grabbed my knees under the table to stop myself from moaning. Wetness was dripping out of my pussy again. Logan sensed my discomfort quickly and stroked my thigh gently which gave me some relief.

I had finished my food before the others and decided to have a look around the cafe. There were some amazing examples of photography hanging on the walls. Pictures capturing some of the stunning BC scenery, portraits of fisherman with characterful faces that each told a story, photos of the premises from the past... I turned a corner and came across an old piano. The lid was up and it seemed available to play so intuitively I sat myself down. I cast a quick glance around but no one was paying me any attention, just the way I liked it. I had played quite a bit back in Nantucket, partly at the insistence of my parents who thought a 'nice genteel hobby' would suit me well but also partly because I loved to play.

I put my fingers to the cool, smooth keys and found myself starting to play Scott Joplin's playful 'Maple Leaf Rag'... the notes flowed to my fingers without effort and I smiled as the music filled the cafe, bringing the atmosphere to life. As I came to the end of the piece I opened my eyes and saw my three companions staring at me wide eyed...

"My little love... you play beautifully..." Logan said softly, kneeling down beside me as I sat on the piano stool. I felt my cheeks reddening. He reached up and stroked my cheek gently, a look of joy and pride on his face.

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