~ Zayn's POV ~

I walked Lily out of the hospital and led her to my car that Niall and I drove in when we were out at the bar. I opened the car door for her like a gentleman and, well, accidentally slammed the door after her, but a bit too hard. Eh, not my fault I work out too much. Lily jumped a little when I had slammed the door too hard, but giggled a little after she noticed it was me. I quickly ran to the other side of the car and hopped in. 

"Sorry I slammed the door too hard behind you" I said, slightly smiling.

"It's ok, I was just scared that you were going to break the car door because of your muscles." 

"So, you know about how big my muscles are? Do you like em?" I said, wiggling my eyebrows while pumping my muscles.

"Haha, very." I chuckled slightly at her comment and started the car. We mainly just talked about ourselves during our car ride to Starbucks. Well, mainly about her because apparently she is a hardcore directioner and knows basically everything about me. Lily is 18 and loves singing and dancing. She told me about how she took gymnastics when she was little, so she is really flexible..if you know what I mean..So once we had reached to Starbucks, we walked in side to side and there were a couple fans there. They kept staring at us and smiling, but sending some death glares at Lily. I looked at Lily. She glanced at them, but quickly looked down. I protectively put my arm around her, and pulled her closer to me.

"Ignore them, they're just jealous." I whispered in her ear. She looked at me, gave a weak smile and nodded. 

We ordered our drinks and waited. A couple paps came outside and started asking questions. Once we got our drinks, I linked hands with Lily and walked outside trying to go through the crowd of people. I opened the car door for Lily, then went over to my side quickly, crawling in the front seat.

"You ok?" I asked, concerned. Lily didn't say anything, she just looked down and nodded. I guess I have to talk to her later.

When I was just about to back out of the parking lot, I received a phone call from Harry. Lily looked at me wondering who the phone call was.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Where are you? We have been looking all over for you, it's been half an hour already." Harry angrily answered back.

"I'm at Starbucks with a very pretty girl." I said. I winked at Lily and she blushed. 

"Oh my god, are you kidding me? You couldn't have told us?!""

"Well, I was gonna but I was distracted.."

"By what?!"

"My new BFF." I said in a girly tone. Lily started laughing at my girly tone.

"Just get back here, Malik." He hung up.

"Who was that?" Lily asked, still trying to stop laughing from before.

"That was Harry. He wants me back at the hospital."


"Is that a problem?"

"No! Umm. No, not at all."

"Doesn't seem like it. What's bothering you?"

"I don't want to go back to my lonely apartment. I recently bought an apartment about a month ago. It gets quite lonely. I was hoping that you would stay at my place after we went to Starbucks, but now you have to go back to the hospital."

"Who said that you have go back to your apartment? You could come with me to the hospital and we can go back to my hotel. You could stay the night."

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