The End of Summer

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A/N: NEW STORY OFFICIALLY RUNNING! For those of you who hate horror/thriller type stories, don't worry this isn't going to be all blood and guts, there will be humour, romance and a lot of sarcasm. Think of it as like Scream (hopefully it won't suck as much) meets Illegal My Ass.

So yeah, let me know what you think of the first chapter ladies and gentlemen! 

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It was a ritual, a town’s tradition.

Riverbanks very own version of Christmas or Easter.

To be fair most of these kids around here didn’t get cars or iPads for Christmas, and Easter loses its appeal once you reach High school because you realise eating your own bodyweight in chocolate is no longer acceptable, unless you want to become the fat outcast who eats lunch alone in the toilet. So they probably looked forward to this more than they actually did Christmas and Easter.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t like Oliver Twist where we’re all poor little orphans who have to pick pocket old people in the street just so we can pay for our next meal, it’s just there were certain types of people that lived in Riverbank.

The rich people, and then the normal people. Us basically.

The rich people were your standard ‘more money than heart and common sense’ type of people. You know, the ones who will spend like 40k on having an elevator installed into their house just because they can.

Then there were the normal people, who realised that walking up the stairs was not that big of a chore.

So as tradition goes, the rich kids would get shipped off abroad for the summer, somewhere like Paris or New York so they can burn out mummy and daddy’s credit card on expensive lunches and clothes. Once they left, the normal people would be left.

It was quite an even split between the two groups. It wasn’t like we were overrun by the rich; this isn’t the Hunger Games or anything. The summer was basically the only time the divide really was seen because while school was on both groups mingled together pretty well.

Well, apart from the usual popular group of the school who refused to socialise with you unless you had a house in Miami that you can just pop to for some ‘deep thinking time.’

Again, normal people realised you can just do some ‘deep thinking’ in your own bedroom.

Everyone else though didn’t really care about the social status, apart from said snobs, and the only time it was divided was through the summer time when school ended.

So basically we normal folk (the ones who cook our own breakfast and don’t have an in-house chef doing it for us) decided many years ago that we would do something to make our own summer amazing. Something that would make up for the fact we weren’t in some foreign country with sun and bikini’s everywhere.

And that is how the Riverbank Riot started.

I have no idea where the name came from, it sucked to be honest in my opinion. I mean Riverbank Riot? Whoever came up with it clearly just thought it had a ring to it because both words start with an ‘R’.

It wasn’t a Riot at all; there were nowhere near enough people for that.

The Riverbank Riot, as it so suckishly got named, was a party.

I have no idea when the tradition started, it was years before I started at Riverbank High (again, really original name. My town is just overflowing with imagination) I think it might have been a tradition since even before I was born, as cheesy as that sounds.

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