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Pen Your Pride


Note: This doesn't have anything to do with the first two cheetah girls stories that I have made. Also, I am writing an "As told by Gingers" story but ran out of ideas. So, I have writers block on that sorry. Now, on with the story!  

Mature parts are in this!


It's so amazing Jackal is giving is another chance you guys. "Do you know how long we've waited for this?" Chanel, says excitedly. Yes, Chanel! We all know you wouldn't stop talking about it on the way here in the Limo. Dorinda says to a bit annoyed. Sorry. Chanel replies back. "Okay you guys no bickering that is the last thing we need!" Galleria says to them all. "Aqua, you know I'm a need you to put on your sassy south for me!" Galleria said smiling. Girl, you know I already had it on when we walked into this building for the second time. Aqua says crossing her legs with her hands up as if she was partying. Hehe, you guys are a trip. Galleria says while giggling. 

Jackal would like to see you all now. As one of his sectary came out of the building. The girls squealed with excitement.  

Hello, ladies Jackal said as he shut the door behind him and went over to his desk to sit down. And... "How are my favorite girls doing today?" He said, with a devious smile.  

Fine. Galleria said as she was the first one too speak for the group. "I see that mama Cheetah isn't here with us?" And the spicy mama. Jackal says looking at Chanel and Galleria. "No, they aren't. They have decided to let us come and make our decisions on our own and they will support us through whatever." Galleria says as if she was his boss. Okay, that's what I like to her. Now, lets talk business. He said grabbing some papers. I already seen you girls perform numerous of times. Including, that performance out in the hallway which I thought was excellent. "I would like to sign you girls to a record deal." In their heads the girls were screaming with joy and happiness. Galleria was too. But she had to be mature about this. Well, we'll sign with you Jackal. But we have got to get the paper work liked over. Galleria said, eying all of them. "Oh, I understand. I'll give you girls a week to look over the paper work and decide if you really want this. You may leave now." Jackal said. But Galleria, I have to talk to you alone please. The girls all looked at each other. "You can say whatever you need to say in front of all of us." Galleria said firmly. Girls please leave or we will discard of the deal. Fine... Galleria said as they left leaving only Galleria and Jackal alone in the room. Galleria, I know you are the leader and everything. Yes, Galleria said looking as if something was wrong. I have to show you something and you have to promise not to tell anyone. No one! I mean it. It can all be yours if you can do this one thing for me. Jackal said, opening up a door that led to a master bedroom. Woah woah woah woah! "Are you asking me to have sex with you for a record deal?" Galleria said disgusted. I'm not asking I'm telling you. Slap! Across his face as Galleria starts to leave madly. Galleria, Jackel stops her by grabbing her arm. Get off! She says out loud. Shhh. He puts his finger on her lips. I always had thing for you. But since your older now. I think you could handle it. Jackal says leaning over to her. That's like disgusting! Galleria says making another run for it. But, he closes the door of the bedroom. He comes up to her quiets her down and kisses her. Giving her a passionate kiss on the lips. Then, the next minute you know. Tongue, comes in. Mmmh. Mmmh. Jackal, mm, Jackal. Nooo, no. "We can't do this for three reasons!" Galleria says backing up. "Well what is it?" Jackal asked. Well for one:  

•I'm still a Virgin. 

•Two the girls are still out there. 

•Three I'm not getting a record deal like this.  

Galleria said, getting irritated. Come on, we'll use protection, nothing else but condoms and I like thick girls. Your a thick girl. Jackal says rubbing her lower back. He sneaks in another kiss. Galleria, he whispers beautifully in her ear. Oooh. He starts sucking on her neck. But he stops realizing that he would give her a hickey. "Well, what about coming here for a first date in this room, with candle lights, and the lights would be dimmed and have ourselves a romantic dinner. Jackal said reeling her in." Okay, but no touching. Galleria said leaving. "Oh, and tell no one!" Jackal reminded her.

To be continued....

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