2- Inuyasha

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As soon as practice was over, Ayomi quickly took her bag and ran away. Kagura, and Tenma followed her. Where is she going? She ran straight ahead. Then, she turned left to the trees. They peeped behind one of the trees and saw someone with her. He was wearing a red kimono, he had white hair, and yellow eyes. And the weirdest part, he had dog ears. He was holding a sword. 'Who is this guy?' Kagura thought to herself. "Can we go back now Ayomi?" He asked. "Not yet Inuyasha. The demons aren't here yet." Ayomi said. "I smell something." Inuyasha said as he was sniffing around. He saw 2 people behind the trees. Ayomi saw it too. "Come out!" Ayomi said. "Oh, no! They know that we're here." Kagura whispered to Tenma. "Come out now!" She said. Kagura and Tenma took a deep breath and came out. "Um... Hi." Kagura said nervous. "Kagura, Tenma?! What are you doing here?!" She asked surprised. "Um, we, we were curious so, we followed you." She replied. "Ayomi, who are these people?" Asked Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, meet Tenma, and Kagura." she said. "Um, hi Inuyasha." Tenma said with a smile. "Why does he have dog ears?" Asked Kagura. "Well, because he is a half demon." Replied Ayomi. "A half what? Kagura asked again. "Demon! I said demon." She replied annoyed. "Demon?! Whhhaaaaa?!" Kagura and Tenma panicked. "Guys, it's okay. He's a good demon." Ayomi said trying to calm them down. "Okay, but, are you a demon too?" Tenma asked Ayomi and she nodded. "3/4 demon." She said. "Oh, okay." Tenma said. "I guess we'll be going now." Kagura said. "Okay, don't tell anyone. She said to both of them. "Yeah we won't." Tenma said. "Bye" He said as they walked away.

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