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Emily's POV

I was in a dark room, tied up. I couldn't breathe, everything was closing up on me. My throat felt dry, my lungs were failing me and my head was pounding so much. There was a dark figure standing by the door, it came closer and closer with its hand reaching out to me, until I let out an ear piercing scream.

I was shaken harshly and woke up all sweaty. Without thinking, I grabbed the person and hugged her for dear life. It was a bad dream. She whispered nothing but sweet and calming words to my ears and patted my back. The feeling was weird, but I calmed down nevertheless. And then I remember everything and scattered away from the embrace. The woman that hugged me was beautiful, she had warm brown eyes and a loving smile, although the bags under her eyes suggested she was tired. "I won't hurt you. Tell me your name," she said in a gentle whisper. Why was she whispering? I took a look around the room I was in. It was small but warm. I looked down at myself and I was wearing a huge white sweater and a basketball short. I sniffed at it, I loved the smell. The woman chuckled at me and said the clothes belonged to her son. I nodded my head to tell her thank you, then I looked around again. There was a little girl sleeping next to me, that's why she was whispering. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "Here, lets go to the kitchen to get you water and talk. Okay?" I nodded my head slowly and walked out the bedroom to the kitchen with her in front.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! I'm on my third cups of water. I must have been sleeping for a long time. I always get thirsty if I slept too long. The woman sat across from me and just look on with a smile in her eyes. It got quiet and awkward after I put down the cup. She tries again, "What's your name?" I looked at her for a couple of minutes, contemplating if I should tell her. "Emily..." I crocked out. She smiled and told me her name was Dina Wren. Then she reached her hand to put it over my own hand, "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you." What is this feeling? Her hand feels a little rough yet warm. I look up from our hands and cracked a small smile at her.

"Have you ate? Would you like some food? I've got leftovers, would you like that?" she asked too quickly. However, as I looked around the kitchen, I saw ramen noodles packages. "Is it okay if I ate your noodles?" I asked quietly while pointing at them. She turns around and got two packs and handed them to me. I looked at them and up at her again. "Sure! Go ahead! Cook them yourself. There are also eggs and vegetables inside the fridge if you'd like," she said to me still smiling.

To be honest, I don't know how to cook. I've never cooked in my life. Ever since I got a nanny and a butler, I've never been to the kitchen, other then to eat or get something to drink. I guess I was spoiled, but I'm not a brat. Anyway, back to the situation. "Um, can you help cook?" I asked timidly. She chuckled and said, "Let me guess, you don't know how to cook?" I nod my head, embarrassed. "Come! Let get to work then." She gave me all the instructions to cook a perfect ramen noodle with eggs and carrots.

Boil the water. Put in the spices and dried sides. Put in the noodles and wait 3 minutes. Put in the carrots that were cut in little circles and wait 2 minutes. Turn off the stove and break the egg right in the middle and close the lid for 1-2 minutes. Ready!

It smelled delicious, enough to make me drool and make my stomach growl (literally). She helped bring the small pot to the table and got up to get Korean Kimchi, whatever that is. She said it taste great together with ramen. She opened the lid of the pot and the smell was heaven, I think my stomach growled even more. I started digging in, the taste was SO good! It helped relief all the regrets, worries, and the scary nightmare I had before. We made small talks as I ate.

I found out that she has a son named Dylan and that the little girl's name was Corey. They've lived in this house for 15 years now. Their father passed away in a car accident and Dylan and Dina had been working through part-time jobs days and nights to help themselves. Dylan is a senior at Trenton High School (so fake) and works after school and on weekends as well. Dina works during Dylan and Corey's school hours on weekdays and stays at home with Corey during weekends.

As I looked at her, many thoughts came to my mind, such as: why can't my family be like this? Why can't my mom come home on weekends for me? I want to help them. Dina is a role model for mothers out there. She's so strong and determined to provide the best for her family. I was again engulf in that rough yet warm hands of hers. "Are you okay?" Huh? She brush off the tears that had slip from my eyes. I hadn't even realized I was crying, I'm getting too emotional. "It's getting late, lets go to sleep. Hmm?" she asks with a smile. I nodded my head.

"You can stay the night or till whenever you feel like going home." She said with a worry and sad look in her eyes. Why was she worry? She doesn't know me... "Thank you, Mrs. Wren." "Psh, call me Dina. I hope the floor is okay. Good night." No one has said good night before, it sounds foreign to me... "Good night Dina." She had let me sleep on the floor of their bedroom, I was comfortable, that's a first. She turned off the lights and went off to dreamland. As I lay there, I kept wondering if I had brought uncomfortable feelings and troubles to their lives. I got up and folded the blanket and mat I slept on neatly on the floor. I wrote a 'Thank you for your generosity!' on a little piece of paper and put it on the bedside table. I looked at them one more time and smiled. Dina had little Corey wrapped in her arms, snoring away. I sighed and left the house. I got in a cab to take me home and had the butler pay for the ride home, since I didn't have money on me. I got in the shower as soon as I got home. The water washed away the tiredness and just left the warm, fuzzy feelings I had at that house. For the first time, I smiled a real smile.


Words: 1206

So here's a long update on what happened at The Wren's house.

Emily's house (mansion) is on the right? Top? I don't know where it is positioned..

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