Laughter's The Best Medicine

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Leoni's POV

I felt immediately comfortable with Carly - she, Sophia and I giggled away for another hour drinking coffee in the pack kitchen. Logan sat beside me adoringly stroking my leg and occasionally joining in the conversation with the girls. Midway through I could sense he was being mindlinked as his eyes slightly glazed for a moment. When he returned to the conversation Sophia was excitedly planning a shopping trip to Powell River for later that day. She was keen to help me get some clothing as I really had nothing of my own here yet. I was actually really excited at the thought of choosing some new things and having a "normal" afternoon with my new friends.

I turned to Logan, "Can we go? What do you think Logan, honey? Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get some clothing of my Own and see a little more of the area?" I rushed out, I realised I was leaning my hands on his thigh as I spoke. I kissed his cheek affectionately - Goddess, this Alpha was so gorgeous. I just wanted to shower him with my kisses but I figured that particular plan could wait until we were alone.

I noticed the girls giggling as they'd picked up on my calling their Alpha 'honey' but I didn't care in the slightest. He was my mate and I wanted to scream my love for him from the very top of the pack house! Logan smiled broadly, "Oh my little love, how could I ever say no to your pretty face... but I'll come too girls, until the Luna and I can mindlink I need to keep her close... if for nothing else than for my sanity..."

He nuzzled his nose into my neck and gently planted a kiss on my marking spot. "Soon..." he whispered in my ear so that only I could hear him. I shuddered with pleasure as I imagined how it would feel to have him mark me as his. A longing started to build in my core immediately and Logan groaned into my neck. "Oh my love, I want to whisk you away to my cabin again... but I have some pack matters to attend to right now."

He sat up but took my hand gently and stroked the back of it as he spoke. His Alpha aura was present and it gave me tingles all up and down my body.

"Sophia, Carly, I need to see to a few important matters but I am going to leave the Luna in your charge. She is much recovered from last night's ordeal but I am requiring you to keep her safe while I am occupied." He stated sternly. His Alpha tone was making me even more aroused. I crossed my legs and hoped the Logan didn't notice but as I thought that he squeezed my hand and I knew he Had noticed. I blushed.

"Yes Alpha." The girls said solemnly then grinned at me. "Leoni will be absolutely Fine big bro." said Sophia smiling warmly.

"Leoni, you have your appointment with Mel at 11am, are you happy for the girls to take you over? They will wait outside while you are in your appointment and bring you back to the pack house to meet me. We can have lunch in Powell River if you like?" He said softly to me, still stroking my hand. The sparks were erupting as he touched me with his fingertips and I smiled up at him.

"That sounds perfect Logan... see you after my appointment then?" I said happily.

With that, Logan released my hand with a sigh and leaned in to kiss me - his lips touched mine and the now familiar fire ignited between my legs. I raised my hand to his cheek and returned his kiss, pouring my feelings into it. When he pulled away I found myself flustered and longing for more. He looked at me with unadulterated lust in his eyes before whispering softly in my ear, "We will continue This later, my love..." before gently nibbling my earlobe which made me gasp.

He left briskly, and I didn't doubt that he had to do so to prevent himself sweeping me up and rushing me back to his bed... I blushed again at the thought as I turned back to the girls.

They looked a little stunned but quickly gathered themselves. "Jeez girl, our Alpha has it Bad for you!" Said Carly with a grin.

"Yeah... please can you guys keep the PDAs on the down low while his Sister is sitting at the same table?" Sophia said with a mock disgusted expression on her face.

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