Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Lyla never thought she would be happy to be at school. Year 11 was hard work and it usually wasn't fun but at least when she was at school she was able to stop thinking about the wolves and Landon. That was why she was happy to be at school.

At least Gabi was being quiet and she hadn't said a word about wolves since yesterday. That was good. But there was something that Lyla couldn't stop thinking about and that was Landon. There was something about him and Lyla was drawn to him. But she couldn't be because she barely knew that guy.

And there was also something about his name. Landon. Hamish knew a Landon. Lyla found herself wondering whether this was the same Landon. She wasn't sure if it was but they seemed to be about the same age. Maybe, if this Landon was Hamish's friend, he recognised her or something. Maybe that was why Landon was so eager to help her.

There was one other thing that just popped into Lyla's head right now. The word, 'Alpha.' She couldn't stop thinking about it. When she was having breakfast at Landon's house, some guy burst in and he called Landon, 'Alpha.' That was a little strange because no one called other people that. Maybe Landon was his boss or something. But that would mean people would call Landon, 'boss,' not, 'Alpha.' This was just strange and Lyla hated that she was being distracted by it.

Lyla also started thinking of her parents. They were coming home this afternoon and Lyla was looking forward to it. Kind of. At least Hamish wouldn't have to act as her dad anymore because she would have her real one there. But then again, it was nice to not have parents around because Lyla felt that she was independent. That was always the fun part about her parents being workaholics.

Lyla then returned her attention to English. She needed to stop thinking of everything and focus on her school work. School should have been the most important thing in her life right now so she needed to force herself to focus on that. Hopefully English would hurry up and end because Lyla needed the fresh air.

Finally the bell rang for the end of class and Lyla headed for her locker. She opened her locker and put her books in it before she grabbed her lunch. She wasn't sure if she was hungry but she was going to eat it anyway. She always got a lecture from her parents if she brought food home and she was in no mood to hear it tonight.

When Lyla was ready, she headed outside so she could get that fresh air that she wanted. She then looked to the people who were already outside. Zeke looked at her. Zeke was Lyla's ex-boyfriend. They only dated for a couple of months when Lyla realised that she wasn't ready for a boyfriend. And Zeke moved on so fast because he found a new girlfriend within the week of his recent breakup. And that hurt Lyla and it still made her cringe to look at Zeke, especially when he was around other girls. Lyla wouldn't be surprised if he had dated all of the girls who surrounded him now.

Zeke was almost like a mini Hamish. When Hamish was at school, he was the school player. But now Zeke was. Maybe he got tips from Hamish or something because when Hamish was in high school, he was notorious for his playboy ways. Lyla wouldn't be surprised if Zeke did go to Hamish for advice.

"Hey," said Gabi as she bounded over to her best friend, "how was English?"

"Awful," Lyla replied glumly.

"I could say the same for P.E."

Lyla laughed.

"What about we swap? You do P.E for me and I will do English."

"I wish but I hate P.E almost as much as I hate English."

"Oh, yeah."

"English couldn't have been that bad, Lyles," said Gabi as she and Lyla sat on the grass beneath a tree.

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