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Ace pov

Taking lessie to the hospital wing, i gently laid her on the bed.

She was crying and i hate myself for letting this happen.

I am the worst brother anyone could ask for.

I am good for absolutely nothing.

Tears gathered in my eyes.

You are worthless.

You can't even protect your own sister.

You are the worst brother ever.

Even alessia hate you even though she doesn't show it.

I took a deep breath to calm myself otherwise I will surely have a fucking panic attack.

I look around to see everyone worried about lessie.

I knew I should have never brought her here.

Everyone is hurting her here.

Maybe I should take her back to our home.

She would be happy there.

But the worst thing is that she has bonded with all of them and it will hurt her a lot to take her away from them.

She has DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder) and she gets very anxious if we take her away from someone or something she has been attached to.

Her anxiety is the worst.

She will cry for hours.

She will get panic attacks because of it.

She will remain sick for days.

She will throw up a lot.

Once I went to a mafia warehouse in other country for a week but I couldn't take her because it was very dangerous at that time.

The maid I hired for her told me about how she would cry whole day and just repeat only one word 'Bubby'.

She also told me that she was getting a really high fever and will throw up everyday.

I got out of that place as fast as possible and was literally shocked to find her state.

She looked like she had not slept in ages.

I felt really fucking guilty for that.

When she saw me she clinged to me the whole week and I was really content knowing that she trust me with her whole heart.

But at the same time my heart broke for her.

Do i really deserve an innocent soul like lessie as my sister?

The doctor bandaged her head and gave her some painkillers.

I took her to our room without any look at any of our brothers.

It's because of them she is like this.

I hate them.

I hate each and everyone of them.

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