Weekend, ice cream, boys, and Jacob?

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Like I said, it felt nice to be home .  We had moved out of my aunt's and looked for an apartment then we start looking for houses.

I sat on the floor playing Jetpack Joyride.... Don't hate it's a cool game. With me were my siblings Cintia and Jean they were  wrestling and playing... I don't know how they do it incredible......

Yeah, what Arthur told still scared me,  I mean come on he better stop playing games. Still, Lucy,  Luke,  and Arthur were coming over.

I was dressed with black jeans...  black makes you look thinner, a red Hilo dress shirt and some sketcher's calli (kinds of like vans and other things)

I decided to bring Cintia and Jean with me because after  a hard week of school we can all  relax.

Just then the door gell rang It took time,  a shiz load of time to convince my mom but she eventually she gave up.

I stood up to the door.  My friends stood there all casual just like me.

" Come in you guys let me just take those troublemakers and my purse." They laughed.

I prayed that my mom wouldn't say anything else. I yelled that we were off she just said have fun , whew the hard part is over I mentally put my fist in the air.

" So where to?" Asked Arthur. Everyone shrugged, " I know the ice cream shop and café. Missi." Said jean ," it's Mici dummy," I corrected him.

We all got out of the house. " So Olive you're in Arthur's car and Cintia and jack my man you're with us." Luke explained.

" It's Jean. " he retorted. Luke rolled his eyes and motioned them to follow him.

I walked along side with Arthur then I felt someone wrap his hand with mine I looked over at Arthur and smiled. I don't know why but I felt this type of care and tolerance for him. Not even Jake could..... Wait why am I thinking of him?

Arthur looked at me and asked if I was okay I nodded.

We got to our car and he opened the door for me, such a gentleman,  something Jake couldn't d- I really got to stop thinking about him. Arthur was better in many other ways, so many.

We arrived at the ice cream shop Arthur opened the door for me,  I thanked him.  Lucy came to my side while Luke had Jean and Cintia in his hands. "He's really good with kids. " said Lucy I nodded.

We got the front and there were these two guys one black the other one mulatto or just mixed. They starred at Lucy and I knew I shouldn't have worn those pants my booty was too big. (;

"Hey ma let me get some," I was shocked of all my years on this land never have I ever heard someone say that to me.

Lucy tensed up next to me,  he continued, "I could make u feel real good. " He winked and I showed disgust on my face. I continued walking I suddenly felt hands around my waist.

The boy snorted and it was really bad, " You're telling me y'all with dem dudes. " his friend spoke up. Luke and Arthur had Mad and Furious written across their faces.

" Dudes with education who are not waiting around an ice cream shop for the girls of their dreams to appear. " he retorted back smirking .

Once inside the shop I got a sundae with gummy bears and oreos like a mudd pie. Arthur got the mega cone jean and Cintia got cones as well and Luke and Lucy shared a banana split.  Cute I know.

We were having a good time and it felt really good to be around these lil biatches it was the perfect weekend

The bell rang signaling someone coming in I wasn't paying attention so I planted a kiss on Arthur lips Jean grimaced Cintia giggled, " Don't tell mom, or I'll tell her about the time you flooded the bathroom. "

They instantly gulped and shut their mouths,  yup works everytime (;

Just then a voice that I wished to never hear the next 20 hours or so spoke up,"Well look what we have here the four musketeers and their two little minions. " I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want Maddy. " Luke asked.

" What, I can't get ice cream anymore? " She asked.

I really don't want her here at this point she is about to get her ass whooped. She turned back, "Jakey, what are you getting for us. " I almost choked on gummy candy. Jake was here?

I made my way to the bathroom I accidentally bumped into someone, I was getting ready to apologize but then realized it was him. He looked at me and we starred at each other for a while. " Sorry" I say pushing him away and running.

Jake's Pov
" Aww great mcarthur your girlfriend spilled froyo on me. " I said trying to sound annoyed . They were laughing great laugh it up I turned to go to the restroom it was time to pay Pegasus a visit.

Olive's Pov

I wanted my hands I was ready to get out when a person pushes me back in, " are u crazy what are you doing in here?"

"Remember we still have a deal. " He smirked. Now it was my turn , " in case you didn't notice we made up I told him the truth. "

He tried getting closer but this I got away to the door ,"Leave me alone Jake I love him you have to accept that. "

He cringed at my words I just said I love Arthur smiling I exited the restroom not ever thinking back about Govenci.

Jake's Pov

You love him don't you? Well I've just been too nice to you Pegasus, too nice.

Olive's Pov

After getting dropped off and saying goodbye to everyone I I took a shower and went to sleep after praying. Maybe he had got the message and will finally leave me alone.

Jake's Pov

I woke Carter up he was mad but who cares ." What do you want bro."

"It's time for operation Bad ass we have some nerds to play with.... " he instantly got up," Are you sure? " Yup ,I have been too nice...

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