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Logan's POV
When I woke up the morning after Edward's monstrous betrayal, I was pleased to find my sweet mate cuddled into my chest. I glanced down at her face and happiness bloomed within me when I saw that her bruising and the cut to her lip had all healed perfectly. Thank Goddess for werewolf healing abilities. I lifted the covers to see if I could examine the wound on her thigh without waking her and was hit with a wall of arousal. My little mate was asleep but very clearly extremely turned on. I replaced the cover gently and stroked her arm very delicately so as not to wake my angel.

Then, just as I had stern words with myself concerning my promise to her and I reminded myself of her innocence, Leoni started gently moaning in her sleep. Her sounds had my cock swelling and the sparks between us seemed to become more intense. It seemed that the longer we went after first meeting and completing the mating process, the more compelling the sexual pull and urge to mate became. I inhaled quickly and looked to the ceiling in hopes of calming my rising libido. But fortune wasn't on my side - I had hoped to take the heat out of my situation but just then my beautiful sleeping mate started to slowly move her hips in circles. She was grinding her core into my now painfully hard member whilst letting out quiet moans of desire...I found myself letting out a deep groan... my sweet innocent mate was clearly a Vixen in her dreams...

"Loggaaaann... make l-love to me... p-please..."

I swear I nearly came in my boxers right then. My Goddess... this girl had me feeling such incredible feelings of overpowering lust and adoration... I Knew she was asleep and I Knew that wasn't awake Leoni talking but I had such a strong desire to somehow jump into her dream and fulfil her pleading request.

I looked down at her beautiful flustered face, her full pink pouty lips, her long golden hair, her perfect dark blonde eyebrows above her stunning eyes...

Eyes which were suddenly wide open, bright blue and looking at me. "Good morning sweeth-" I spoke but she interrupted me by placing one delicate finger on my lips.

This beautiful creature then proceeded to move her hands down my chest and move herself under the covers. My heart was racing with excitement and anticipation... I felt her hands tugging at the waistband of my pyjamas before sliding them down. Next I felt her moving her little hand up and down the length of my cock, through the material of my boxers. Before I knew it she was removing my boxers, inch by inch... I lifted my hips to facilitate her and heard a gentle moan from her as my cock inadvertently thrust nearer to her face.

My boxers were gone now and I was aware that I was stark naked in bed with my gorgeous mate. My gorgeous, virgin mate. If I was aiming for restraint it wasn't going to be easy. Just as I was pondering how I could now resist the urge to seduce her I felt the most mind blowing sparks of my life at the tip of my cock. I did a quick logistical calculation and worked out swiftly that it wasn't her pussy teasing me but her beautiful plump pink lips. I let out a growl of desire.

Goddess! Then again the sparks erupted within me as she ran her tongue around the tip of my cock. I knew she had never touched a man before me, so I hadn't Any expectations of her going down on me any time soon - in my mind I had thought I would need to teach her how to kiss and suck my cock, once she was ready. The way this mate of mine was now licking up and down my shaft, led me to believe that she needed no such tuition... she was an absolute natural...

I growled again loudly with sheer pleasure as I felt her sucking gently on one of my balls... then the other. The electricity running up and down my body for this girl was shocking... then before I knew it her lips were caressing the tip of my cock again and her tongue was doing circles around the top rim. It was absolute bliss. Her lips opened more and I gasped as I could feel her taking my cock slowly into her mouth. She moaned and the vibrations ran delightfully down my shaft.

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