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Short Story

No One POV:

Bakugou ran into the classroom in his pjs and his face red and puffy with tears running down his chubby cheeks

"Kacchan what happened!?" Deku yelled worried running to the small blonde, the class all followed behind him

"A-a spider!!!" Bakugou yelled hugging Deku tight like his life depends on it

"Bakubro you're afraid of spiders?" Kirishima asked rubbing his friends back

"Kacchan has had a big fear of them since we were little or any bugs at that" Deku explained everyone nodded

"It's okay bakugou" Iida cooed wiping the small boys tears away

"It's gone now" he said bakugou sniffed and nodded then he went to todoroki, he understood what the boy wanted and immediately picked him up and went to his desk to cuddle the blonde in his lap

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