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( A/n - This is my first fanfiction so don't judge me if it's bad. Ok? Also, going back I realized that the first few chapters weren't written too well, so just keep reading. It will get better. )

Nash's POV



" Go get me a beer you fuck up! " my dad said after I refused and said he'd had too many.

I got the beer and gave it too him

" Now, I don't want to see you again today. Am I clear? " He said angrily

" Yes sir "

I went up to my room, shut the door, and laid down in my bed. I rolled onto my side and drifted into a much needed deep sleep.

I'm Nash Grier . I hate my life. I have an abusive dad, as you can see, my mother died when I was 11, and I'm forced to do online school so I have no contact with the outside world. My mom died of cancer. But my dad wasn't abusive before that. We used to be a normal, happy family. No worries, no problems. I went to public school, had friends, and saw our family often. But one day, the doctors said my mom had a tumor in her brain. She was very sick and miserable. I've never seen her in so much pain. Then she died.

My father blamed it on me. He was so depressed, and wouldn't stop drinking. He got drunk on a regular basis. He forced me to do online school and started getting abusive. He made me call him " Sir " and if I ever called him " Dad " or " Father " any of the parent names I would get an extra beating.

We're moving in a couple of days to North Carolina. Apparently somebody found out what he was doing and told the police about it, so we have to move out of the state.

Who knows? Things could get better. Anything's possible.

A/n - Hello so as I said at the beginning of this chapter this is my first fanfiction so don't judge me. The next chapter will be Rebecca's POV so get ready.

Qotd - Who's your celebrity crush?
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And the chapters might get longer don't worry.

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