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Haan Baba Sun rahi hoon, Aahnik yaar.... I whined for the nth time from the time I got up replying to Sanchi who was in her room, it's been a month she has been here and my morning routine has been the only hectic part of my day at home.

Bro Relax, Why are you getting so hyper? Shouted Sanchi from inside.

How can I relax yaar, I have an important meeting today, Aahnik is not ready to leave his psc and I can't get late or else I am going to get a good lecture from .... I stopped as I realised I was about to take his name in front of Sanchi again who just can't Stop thinking about him from the time she met Aadia, a long story but to be precise when Aahnik asked her to pick him up from the school apparently when he was upset from me because I didn't accompanied him to Aadia's house the previous day.

Someone isn't getting enough of a hot,smart, good looking and one of a kind colleague of hers Right? .... She teased from inside

Shut up Sanchi kuch bhi bolti hai, I shouted back completely astonished that this girl has no filter in her mouth.

Baby please Mumma needs to go, I said going towards the kitchen, I was frustrated because he was busy in his own world till now and I haven't got his attention.

Toh jao na, I'm not stopping you, mujhko khelna hai abhi Aahnik said still engrossed in his PlayStation.

Aahnik enough you need to go to school now get up, I tried tricking him a last time on the name of school because I had hardly 30 minutes before I go.

Bro, we have a holiday today, aap bhool gaye kya? He asked finally leaving the psc and gesturing me to pick him up.

Nhi kaise bhool sakti hoon bacha, I said picking him up and placing him on the kitchen counter besides me.

You tricked me, he said pouting.

Of course I did, can only Aahnik do it? I asked before keeping the breakfast ready on the kitchen counter.

Sanchi, I called her out for the last time now.

Mumma, he said softly.

Haan mera baby, I said while still finishing my work.

Aap kab aaoge? He asked but his voice was not as usual.

Kya hua hai? It's not the first time I am going to office, I asked finally looking at him and found him all lost.

But it's the first time when you are going even when I am at home for the whole day, he said so innocently that I felt myself getting emotional myself.

Arey It's just half a day aur vaise bhi Sanchi bhi toh hai, she is just like me mera bacha, time ka pta bhi nhi chalega Aahnik ko aur phir Sunday ko pakka outing par chalenge, I said.

Sunday wala plan toh acha hai, theek hai jaao he acted like thinking a lot before finally agreeing.

Badmaash, I said hugging him and he wrapped his arms around my stomach because he was still sitting on the kitchen counter.

What's happening, I'm left out said Sanchi while coming out in an Indian chudidaar so unlikely of her but she tied the dupatta the way we generally do upon a lehnga but still was looking so beautiful.

Mumma just look at her, Aahnik said breaking the hug and laughing at her.

Aahnik, I tried stopping him but looking at him laughing wholeheartedly now, even I failed miserably.

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