Chapter Twenty-Six - Sorry is Just a Five Letter Word

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Chapter Twenty-Six – Sorry is Just a Five Letter Word

What I really meant to say is I’m sorry for the way I am. I never meant to be so cold.


It was the end of food and nutrition and Pierre and I were leaving the classroom together. He was telling me about his little sister’s dance recital, and I smiled telling him to invite me next time. I loved watching dancers on stage, it was mystifying.

“You would come?” He was surprised.

“Of course! Is she having another one anytime soon?”

“Not for a couple of months.” He admitted sheepishly. “You like dancing?”

I shrugged. “I like watching it. I’m not much of a dancer.”

“Just like you’re not much of a cook?” He grinned, nudging my side teasingly.

I grimaced at him. “Shut up.”

“What are you good at?” He asked. “Because I really can’t tell and I’ve known you for a couple months now.”

“I’m good at beating Gordon Ramsay-wannabes up.”

He looked around the hallway as if he were searching for something. “A shame I won’t get to see that. There aren’t any of those here.”

“Do you own a mirror?”

“I don’t need to, the way you blush when I look at you gives me all the reassurance I need to know I’m a stud.”

I barked out in laughter. “Your ego is so-“

“Sam.” I looked up to see Jake beside me. He had managed to grab my arm to keep me from taking a step further down the hallway. Judging by the way he was panting, I could tell he had been running.

“What’s up, Jake?” I frowned looking around to see if someone had been chasing him. He was seriously out of breath.

Jake glanced at Pierre behind me before meeting my grey eyes. “Can we talk? In private.”

I shot a look at Pierre who shrugged and ruffled my hair. “See you around, Fletch.” I waved goodbye as he left. I followed Jake up a row of lockers to a more secluded corner of the hallway near a water fountain that nobody ever used.

“You need to forgive Rome.” Were the first words out of his mouth once we stopped walking.

“Did he pay you to do this?” I glared at him. Roman had been driving me crazy. I hadn’t spoken to him in twelve days. Actually, let me clarify, I had ignored him for twelve days. He tried to talk to me but I always pretended he wasn’t in the room. It wasn’t very mature, I admit. But I knew that if I started talking to him, he’d find a way to make me forgive him and I didn’t want to forgive him.

“No.” Jake promised in a somewhat innocent voice. “But…I don’t know, I think you should talk to him. He misses you.”

“Seriously, how much is he paying you?”

“He’s not…”


Jake’s serious facade broke down. “Am I that see-through?”

“No I’m just that good.” I shook my head but couldn’t help but smile. “So? How much?”

“Fifty.” He admitted.

Wow. Fifty bucks? He was that desperate to get me to talk to him? “I’m not talking to him, Jake.” I said. “He hurt me.”

He frowned, “I know he told me. And it was a really shitty thing he did. But he’s a good guy. You know that.”

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